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OK, so this is kind of a silly post. It was raining today and I didn’t get a chance to get out of the office to take some pictures, so I took them in the office! I’m not the first person to shoot in this glamorous location though, oh no. If any of you are Will Joseph Cook fans, you may recognise this showbiz office from the “Take Me Dancing” video. I had neither the team nor the time to be quite so creative, so my workwear look here is rather more basic.¬†

Everything I’m wearing is years old. This grey, slouchy top hides all manner of sins and goes with so much. It has an elasticated waistband that has totally lost its shape, but if you tuck it in then nobody will know! It has delicate cut out and beading around the neckline, which is a lovely feature. This trusty maroon cardigan is probably one of the more worn items in my closet. I’ve just realised I’m in maroon and grey AGAIN. I seriously have a slight obsession with this colour combo.

It’s impossible to see in these pictures, but these wool trousers have a fine pinstripe. I’m not sure if they’re a lighter black with a charcoal pinstripe, or a dark charcoal with a grey pinstripe. Any which way, they’re a classic workwear staple that can be dressed down too. These trousers were the first item I bought that made me realise¬†H&M’s sizing was a bit off. I was a good stone lighter than I am now, yet I had to size up to a 14 just to get them done up. Don’y get me wrong, I have no issue wearing a size 14, but it just shows how inconsistent sizing is across the high street (I’m usually a standard 12 or occasionally a 10 on the bottom half).

Even though you can’t really see them properly in these pictures, I have to talk about these boots. They were on sale through ASOS years ago, and I must admit they might have been an impulse purchase mostly due to the massive savings. They’re by a brand called Swedish Hasbeens, who specialise in clog style footwear. This pair are lace up, but there’s a really similar pair in a darker grey which are currently available from House Of Fraser. They’re a bit different, a bit unique, and that’s why I love them! Most importantly for this look, the platform gives me the height I need for these long, wide leg trousers.

I managed to get one picture on my way home once the rain had stopped. Since it was such a grey and miserable day, I wore my trusty grey wool coat. This coat is probably one of the most versatile pieces I own. It’s good quality, made of a sturdy yet breathable wool mix. The big hood is great for showers but is also detachable for a sleeker silhouette. It has enormous pockets, is a flattering length on me and is a gorgeous charcoal shade that goes with pretty much everything. It’s perfect to throw over a semi smart workwear look, just as much as it’s suitable for a more casual outfit. The only issue I have is that most of the buttons have fallen off, but that’s nothing a trip to a haberdashery and a quiet weekend with a needle and thread can’t fix.

Top: New Look

Trousers: H&M

Cardigan: M&S

Boots: Swedish Hasbeens

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  1. Love that you made it work regardless of location! I really wish I had co-workers who would take my pictures for me but I seem to be the only one with that kind of time in my office :/

    1. Thanks Joleen! These shots, like 90% of all my outfit pictures, are taken by me with a little remote shutter. I’d love to have someone to shoot for me but as you say, nobody has the time!

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