Winter outfit in spring

Winter outfit in spring cover
The British spring is an incredibly strange season. It’s sunny, it snows, it’s windy, it rains, it’s dry, it’s humid. One day it feels bitterly cold, the next you’re sweltering on public transport and longing for a cool breeze. I’ve got so many ideas for summer styles but the season is just not ready for them yet, so here is today’s winter outfit on a spring day. I bought this jumper on a whim just before Christmas last year. I owned precisely one Christmas style jumper before this. It’s very tasteful, with a grey and white sequinned reindeer design. One Christmas jumper is not enough though, so when I saw this one in the sales in H&M for £10 it was a no brainer. The Fair Isle design is a timeless (albeit wintery) classic, and the black and blue colours go with pretty much everything.

It was a pretty sunny day when I wore this decidedly wintery outfit, but boy was it cold when I got up, so I’ve got my thick duffle coat on here too. I think I’ve said before how I didn’t wear this coat very often when I first got it ages ago. For some reason, over the past year or so, it’s become one of my favourite cold weather cover-ups. The traditional red tartan lining adds a touch of colour, and the wool is really thick and warm. As a dark navy, I used to avoid wearing it with black, which is possibly why it didn’t feature as often as it does now. This jumper has multiple shades of blue on a black background, so is perfect to match with a navy coat.
These raw hem detailed jeans are a fairly new purchase (they’re still available, huzzah!) I really love the bright blue colour and the distressing on the hem is just enough for my taste. I’m not really into those jeans that are falling apart when you buy them, you know? I’ve got a pair that have ended up like that which need a bit of patching, but if I’m buying something new, I like it to be in one piece.
Talking of staying in one piece, these DM’s have lasted SO well over the years. I literally bought them half my life ago, for a few pounds from a charity shop in Salisbury where I grew up. They’ve since seen countless festivals, gigs, and a fair few slightly less active days at work too. They’re showing signs of wear, sure, but they’re still going strong. I’m hoping that the day they do eventually give up the ghost, I can find another second hand pair, as DMs are notoriously hard to break in!
So there’s my winter outfit for a spring day. I have lots of other ideas for a winter outfit hidden in the depths of my wardrobe, but I’d really like to ditch the layers and rock some summer clothes soon. Is that ok, weather? Are you done with the bitter temperatures and sudden hailstorms now? That would be great, thanks.

Jumper: H&M

Jeans: H&M

Coat: Topshop

Boots: Dr Marten

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