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Perpetually behind in the world of fashion trends, I have only really just got into the wide leg crop. But boy am I into it now, a couple of years after it was first “a thing”. A wide leg is comfortable and flattering, and easier to find a good fit than its skinny counterpart. The slight crop (very slight on me as I’m on the shorter side) flashes a bit of ankle for a more summery vibe. Most styles around in stores at the moment are high waisted, which totally works for me. For someone my height, a wide leg crop with a regular rise might make me look rather stumpy. Topshop call theirs awkward trousers, which amuses me greatly.

This pair I’m wearing were an impulse buy from Uniqlo. I think they are more sensibly named the wide leg crop.  They were ridiculously reduced in the early summer sale, coming in at something silly like £7.90. They’re a heavy stretch jersey, with an elasticated waistband. This is my second pair of elasticated trousers, which is simultaneously wonderful and horrifying. It’s amazing not to have to worry about buttons digging in and zips getting stuck, but at the same time, should I really be embracing the elasticated waist in my 30s?! I’m inclined to say yes, since these trousers are wonderful. They even have pockets, and everyone knows that functional pockets on women’s clothing are a welcome rarity.

I stopped shopping in Primark regularly a couple of years ago now. I’d love to say it’s for ethical reasons, but I know I’ve still got a very long way to go there. It just feels like there’s less and less to my taste, and to be honest, I’m ok with that. Rewind a few years however, and I picked up a few gems from uni and in my 20s that are still going strong. This peacock print t shirt is one of my favourite patterned tops, and I’m so glad it hasn’t fallen to pieces yet. The vibrant colours brighten up any outfit and the fabric is really soft. Long live the Primark peacock print top!

Talking of brightening up an outfit, I’ve added gold loafers to really lift this look. These are one of the few pairs of shoes I own that aren’t leather. I wouldn’t usually go for non leather flats like this as I find they age faster and don’t breathe well, particularly in summer. I couldn’t resist picking these up back in the winter sales though, they’re just so shiny! As usual, if I had more money, I would invest in a higher end pair. (The Gucci Marmonts are the ultimate dream!) For now though, I shall continue to enjoy the surprising versatility of budget metallic shoes.

Trousers: Uniqlo

T shirt: Primark

Shoes: New Look

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