White Denim and Leopard Print

White denim and leopard print cover

When I wrote the title to this post, I had a little chuckle to myself. White denim and leopard print conjure up images in my head of Eastenders, the 80’s and Pretty Woman, and not at all in a good way. But I’m hoping here, that even with the whitest of white jeans and furry leopard print ankle boots, I’ve managed to look at least acceptable for the office on a sunny spring day. 

White denim is everywhere at the moment, but most of what I read says to stay away from skinny fit styles at all costs. Never one to heed fashion advice, I went out and bought some super skinny stretch white jeans. I get that they’re not the most flattering of choices, but I think they can still work. Teamed here with neutral colours, the brightness of the denim does the talking. The muted tones of the ankle boots and high neckline stop everything looking too tacky (hopefully).

One thing I love about this plain camel coat is the pop of bright pink hiding under the collar. It adds a dash of excitement to what it actually quite a muted outfit, glowing white denim aside. I’ve struggled before with wearing this coat done up – it has previously looked quite unflattering, pulling in odd directions. I think the trick is to avoid wearing thick layers underneath. Without the bulk, the lines of the jacket are smoother and the asymmetric zip stands out as a style feature rather than a design flaw.

Despite not being the most fashionable of items one can purchase in white denim, I actually love these jeans and I feel comfortable and confident wearing them. As long as they’re styled with the right pieces, I think white skinnies can look fresh and, dare I say it, even flattering, for a lighter, brighter springtime look. I’ve already shared my love for these leopard print boots a couple of times here and here. The muted tones keep them low-key, the heel height is perfect, I just love them. So there, I really do think you can wear what you like in spite of the naysayers and trend obsessives. If it makes you happy that’s what matters, and this outfit sure does make me happy. Also, sunshine helps!

Jeans: New Look

Top – Topshop

Boots – Mango

Coat – ASOS

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