Velvet and Suede and a Fancy Necklace

Velvet suede fancy necklace cover

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe it’s been over 4 months since I posted a proper outfit post! I started this incarnation of my blog in January 2017 and it feels like a nice kind of symmetry to begin 2018 with a similar style of post. I’ve been having a big think about my blog recently, and some changes I’m going to make for this year, but that’s for another post. For now, let’s talk about velvet and layering, two of my favourite things.

This velvet Mango dress was part of last year’s winter sale haul, but it took ages for me to work out how to style it. On the website, it’s styled on a leggy, lithe model with a very small bosom. Unsurprisingly, it hangs rather differently on my figure and I just couldn’t find a way to wear it for months. I very nearly sent it back, but my love for the midnight blue velvet and lace trim made me hang onto it for a bit longer. In summer, I realised that a t shirt underneath and a waist belt over the top were my magic combo to feel comfortable in this gorgeous dress, and I’ve stuck with variations of this look since.

This tan belt was an absolute steal from the Beyond Retro garage sale a few months ago. It’s a little bit worn, but that just adds to the vintage feel. I love the chunky rectangular silver buckle and the goes-with-anything tan leather. I’ve added this fancy beaded necklace over the top of my poloneck to dress this look up a bit. I’d love to make another one like this with different coloured beads, but it took forever to make! Perhaps if I try again I’ll get quicker. One to add to the New Year’s resolutions maybe.

I’ve had this camel suede blazer for close to 20 years now (does that make it vintage!?). It was from New Look originally, for about £50, and I’ve never quite managed to find a dupe since. I’m guessing suede blazers really haven’t been “on trend” recently. My boots, however, are a high street version of the ubiquitous Isabel Marant dicker boots. Maybe at some point in my life I’ll be able to afford the originals, but until then, ASOS will be my go-to for decent budget friendly versions.

I picked up this azure blue scarf from a service station in France last winter – it’s really light and easy to fold up into my bag when I’m out, but also adds a fair bit of warmth. Although this scarf is a polyester mix, silk is by far the best fabric to add warmth without taking up space. I’m still amazed by silk’s magic ability to add warmth in the winter months whilst being light and breathable in summer. It’s not always the most practical, but a silk scarf is definitely a great investment in my book.

Finally, I’ve added some animal print tights to this outfit to add even more depth. Adding novelty tights to velvet, lace, suede, layers, beading and a chunky belt might seem a bit much, but with a simple colour palette and a mix of textures I think it works. One of my re-hashed New Year’s resolutions is to be more adventurous with my outfits, and adding extra touches here and there is a good start! Do you have any sartorial New Year’s resolutions? Do you like starting the New Year off with new ideas or do you hate the cliché? Let me know in the comments!

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Jacket: New Look

Poloneck: New Look

Dress: Mango

Boots: ASOS

Belt: Beyond Retro

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