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Hi again! Did you read my first “things from the week” post last week? What did you think? From a selfish perspective, I really enjoyed writing it. Since starting this feature, I’ve been writing down everything I do on an average week and it’s really made me realise how much I get up to. I’m feeling thankful for the little things like seeing my family, getting outdoors and treating myself for my birthday! This week was a pretty busy one, so let’s begin.

Embarked on an unintentional coffee comparison mission

Morning coffee is my saviour. I’ve read countless articles about how you could save a few hundred pounds a year by giving up takeaway coffee. There are a bundle of other ways you can save a few hundred pounds a year too, and I’m just not ready to deprive myself of a treat on an otherwise miserable commute, just so I have  a few more expensive London nights out, or crawl 0.000052% closer to saving up for a deposit on a house. No, I shall continue to buy myself a morning coffee thank you very much. This week, through a series of platform alterations, faffing and general chance, I ended up going to a different coffee provider every day.

Monday was an AMT Froffee which was DELICIOUS and highly recommended for a cool, summery drink for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. Tuesday was my ever faithful Knot mocha, Wednesday a horrific Iced Green Tea and Lemon concoction from Nero. I’m a big fan of the Starbucks Teavana range, but I think they’re mostly sugar. This had no added sugar and as such made me an unhappy bunny on the platform. Last but not least was the Cuppaccino cappuccino. (Say that after a few Friday beers!), a standard “I’ve got 3 minutes before my train leaves” option. Fascinating stuff, hey!?

Did some NSOing at a comedy roller derby game

As if roller derby wasn’t hard enough to explain to non-derby folk anyway! On Saturday I signed up to help officiate a hilarious fundraising event for London Roller Girls. It’s set up like a mini tournament, but with all manner of twists available to purchase to make things more interesting. By more interesting, I mostly mean downright ridiculous. Highlights for me were the slow motion jam, a referee jamming in a tutu and sock derby, where all the skaters (and refs) took their skates off and played in socks.

It was a really fun, silly event and  hopefully raised some money to help get the team to Malmo for the D1 playoffs next month. Here I am in the background looking totally serious whilst nobody else has a clue what’s going on.

Finished a Book

I joined our work book club the moment it launched. The book club is one of the many extra-curricular perks of my job, along with piano lessons, free breakfast Fridays and discount cinema vouchers. The company buys a handful of books to lend out from our work library, and then we meet and discuss what we thought over wine and cheese. It’s very civilised, and it’s great to chat about the novels with various members of the company that I wouldn’t normally deal with in my day to day working life. It’s also a great incentive to actually read a whole book in a reasonable amount of time, which I never, ever manage of my own volition.

Jodi Picoult Small Great Things

This month’s read is “Small Great Things” by Jodi Picoult. If you’ve not read it, please do so immediately. I found the story engaging, the characters utterly believable and the issues tackled so apt for today’s society. This book really moved me, and got me thinking about my own actions and subconscious prejudices.  I’m sure I’ll be thinking about this one for a long time to come. An utterly captivating and 100% recommended read.

Went to the preview of the “Day of The Gusano”

I’ve already mentioned a few of the perks of my job, which the company provides as employee benefits. Better than the corporate extras though, are the people I’ve met as a result of working in the music industry. I was lucky enough this week to be invited by one of these wonderful people to a media preview of the Slipknot documentary, “Day of the Gusano”. The screening was in a tiny private cinema in central London, and it was amazing!

Day of the Gusano tracks Slipknot as they play the first Mexico Knotfest in 2015. It’s a mixture of the show footage, behind the scenes and fan interviews.  The live footage is totally immersive, with the surround sound and huge screen it really felt like we were there. The fans’ passion and excitement is palpable, and some of their stories really moving. As a massive fan myself, the whole thing was exciting and fascinating, and I left wanting to go and watch them live immediately.

I’d say go and watch the full film when it shows in cinemas for one night only on 6th September, but we all know I’m writing this far in the future and you wouldn’t be able to do that without a time machine! You can watch the Trailer below, and it’s now available on DVD and Blu-ray. If you’re a fan of Slipknot at all, I’d definitely recommend it.

Had delicious brunch at The Breakfast Club

Boxpark in Croydon has been around for over a year, and has been a great addition to the space around East Croydon Station. I get the train from East Croydon every day. Before Boxpark, there used to be a drab looking visitor centre and a run down Cex store next door. Nowadays there’s a food court with a huge number of stalls selling everything from Taiwanese street food to natural  European wines. One of the bigger units is The Breakfast Club, which has a bit of a cult following (in London anyway).

Often on the weekends there is an enormous queue for the seated area inside The Breakfast Club. When somewhere is this hyped, I tend to try and avoid getting caught up and wait for a quieter time. Late morning on Saturday, before heading off to the aforementioned roller derby extravaganza was such a time. It was a little bit windy, but dry and with the sun desperately trying to break through the clouds. There was still a little queue indoors so we braved the elements and ordered from the takeaway hatch outside. A few minutes later, we were tucking into delicious “All American” pancake breakfasts and coffee. It’s pretty pricey, but we are talking trendy London prices here. The food was tasty, the service friendly and efficient and it seems like the company itself has some pretty good ethics too, which is always nice.

So that was my week. A mixed bag covering my main loves besides fashion – roller derby, music and food! What did you get up to this week?

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