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Helloooo! Welcome to my first diary style installment of things I did this week. I’m not really sure how these are going to pan out, but in the true style of giving it a go I’m just going to write and see what happens! So, without further ado, here are some things I did this past week:

Discovered my jacket has inside pockets

I know, I’ve started on the most interesting thing imaginable! I’ve waxed lyrical about my love of pockets before. Useful pockets seem to be appearing more and more in women’s clothing, which is an excellent thing. With my love of pockets, you think I would have noticed them in my current favourite pink denim jacket. But actually, it wasn’t until I was watching Lizzy Hadfield’s Testing basics on denim jackets that I became aware of these magical inside pockets. They fit my travel pass and phone so I don’t have to go rooting around in my bag. They’re close to me so feel secure, and it means I can feel my phone vibrate if someone calls or messages. Did everyone else already know this about denim jackets or are others as pleasantly surprised to discover this handy design feature?

Went for a run

It feels like an absolute lifetime ago that I was training for the London Marathon. I really enjoy running around Kensington Gardens / Hyde Park, but I’ve just been hugely lacking motivation this year. I always, always struggle to force myself to go and get changed and head outside on my lunch break. But 99% of the time, I’m so glad I do. Endorphins are great! I didn’t run particularly fast, but just getting outside and having a gentle jog in the fresh air definitely lifts my mood.

Got stuck in a storage unit

We’ve had some ongoing issues with storing our kit that we need for roller derby practice. The only feasible solution at the moment is to store our equipment, merch, spare kit and bits and bobs in a rented storage unit close to our training venue. It was my first time going to the venue on Wednesday evening, and I couldn’t find a way out! There were instructions in our group on how to get into the building, but not how to get out again. Luckily some other people turned up so I escaped when they lifted the entry gate from outside. I have since discovered that the ominous looking button is indeed safe to press, and that’s how you’re supposed to exit. Living and learning with some mild drama for a weekday evening!

Fixed my tattoo

I’ve had a tattoo on my leg for a few years that I got on a bit of a whim in Newcastle. I was visiting my best friend for her hen do, and ended up getting the Tyne Bridge inked on my leg. It has meaning behind it, I promise! I’ve always loved the bridge, but it had a silly border around it that I wasn’t expecting at all. I had talked about fixing it for ages but never actually found someone who was willing to do a partial cover up on the border, leaving the bridge itself. This is until one of my teammates suggested I contact her sister, a tattoo artist based in Camden. To my delight, she was more than happy to design a beautiful frame to cover up the odd border. I am SO very happy with the result, and 100% recommend Clara Welsh at Evil From the Needle.

Went home for the weekend

It was my Birthday recently, which is a time of year I always try to see my parents. They’re not far, but with busy lives I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I’d like. My partner was away for the weekend so it was just me heading down on Friday evening to spend the weekend chilling in the garden, enjoying the air outside of London and catching up with Mum and Dad.

It was so relaxing even just to escape for the weekend and I felt refreshed when I came home on Sunday evening. We went out for lunch AND dinner, and did a bit of shopping for my birthday. Which leads me to…

Got a camera

I’ve been wanting a better quality camera than my phone for a while. One day I’m hoping to start a YouTube channel to run parallel with this blog, and my trusty Samsung just won’t cut it. My parents and I spent a longĀ  time in Jessops comparing entry level DSLRs, bridge cameras and compacts and after a much deliberation, I finally decided on the Sony RX100.

I’d had my heart set on a Canon G7X for ages as THE beginner blogger/vlogger compact. Lately though, I’d read a couple of posts about it being pretty fragile. I’m fairly clumsy, so that was a big red flag for me. This revelation, coupled with the advice of the very knowledgeable sounding staff member (don’t hate me techie friends) made me finally decide on the Sony. It’s got the ever important 180 flip screen so I can make sure I’m in shot. It records 4K video, it has a fancy sensor. There’s a bundle of other fancy things it does too which I’m sure I’ll pick up as I go along. I spent a bit of time in my parents’ garden trying to take some pictures of the plants and wildlife. I also tried to get a slow motion video of a butterfly but I was neither patient nor close enough. Lots to learn!

In addition to my new, expensive, digital camera, I also picked up my Dad’s old Canon AE-1. It’s a weighty, solid chunk of retro SLR. I was equally as excited to try this one out as I was my brand new pricey point and shoot. The only film my Dad still had was a black and white roll which expired in 2005. I have no idea if the shots will come out, but I’ll write an update once I’ve finished experimenting! Fingers crossed the pictures come out well. Or at all, in fact.

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