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    Retro Tuesdays – Collectif Pencil Skirt

    Collectif skirt cover

    It wasn’t until I was listing the items in this outfit for this post that I realised I’m almost decked out head to toe in items from Collectif. I bought this skirt recently on a chilled visit to Spitalfields market. I love the ease of shopping online, but sometimes it’s nice to actually go into a store and try a piece on. My intention was only to browse, but  this skirt was in the sale and I just couldn’t resist! I love the pale green colour, and it has pockets! The stiff cotton is comfy and practical, and it’s a flattering length, sitting just below the knee. Long enough to be smart, short enough to still be summery!

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    Retro Tuesdays – The Lindy Bop Dress

    Retro Tuesdays Lindy Bop Dress cover

    This gorgeous purple swing dress has featured on the blog once before, but in much more wintery conditions. This time, I wanted to show it as a casual summer piece in the late afternoon sunshine. This jersey dress is from the Lindy Bop’s “Made in Britain” collection which is slightly more expensive than their other lines, but still so affordable! This was in the sale too, at a rather ridiculous £16. It’s stretchy with no fastenings, so really easy to throw on in the hotter months. I’m glad I sized down as it comes up large (like most Lindy Bop dresses). 

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    The Forgotten Dress that makes me want to start sewing again

    Forgotten Dress Sewing cover
    I live in a small house, and I have a lot of clothes. I’ve written previously about my dislike of the term “fast fashion” and the idea that items are disposable. The trouble is, I think I may live by this rule a little too steadfastly, being somewhat of a hoarder. As a result, many items are unceremoniously stuffed down the back of wardrobes and hiding in bags in cupboards. This dress is such an item.
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    Polka Dot top in the Park

    Polka dot top park cover

    The spring green grass and flat light put a yellowy green colour cast over the pictures, and I’m nowhere near skilled enough to correct it properly! That being said, I still really like this outfit and wanted to share the images. Nothing here is brand new, but as is so often the case, this is the first time I’m wearing these pieces together.

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    Retro florals and tailoring

    Retro florals tailroing cover

    This dress is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. In fact, I’m wearing it on the cover photo for my website! I bought it a couple of years ago, specifically for my friends’ summer wedding. It was my first purchase from vintage style online retailer Pretty Kitty Fashion, and I was so pleased with my choice.

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    An actual vintage dress

    Actual Vintage Dress cover

    If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of vintage style and reproduction brands like Collectif and Lindy Bop. Aside from a few pieces given to me by my Mum, I don’t actually have anything that’s genuine vintage. Until now, that is.

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    Retro Tuesday – Valentine’s Edition

    Valentine’s Day. Love it or not, it comes around every year, and it’s pretty much unavoidable. On social media, on the high street, on telly, it’s enforced romance and commercialism everywhere. To be fair, a lot of my friends have been advocating love in general, which is surely a good thing in the world today. I’m not a big fan of competitive romance, so I don’t really buy into the whole thing. I do like to nod to a trend in a small way though, so I’ve worn a red shirt and some rose quartz in honour of the schmaltz.

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    Lindy Bop and Collectif

    I’m a massive fan of vintage reproduction companies. I’ve always admired people who fully commit to the vintage style, whether it be through seeking out a true vintage wardrobe, or through reproduction brands who batch produce modern pieces in vintage styles. 

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    Leopard and Red and Faux Fur again

    It’s sunny but it’s still cold, so I’ve grabbed my old, old tortoiseshell sunnies to go with my enormous faux fur coat. I wanted to go dancing today, unfortunately I didn’t get out of work in time but I still dressed the part!

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    Lindy Bop Victoria Swing Dress

    Don’t let the sunbeams and shades fool you in these pictures – it was still a freezing cold winter’s day, and I only look my enormous faux fur trimmed coat off very briefly to grab a couple of quick shots of this gorgeous ‘Victoria’ Purple Jacquard Swing Dress from Lindy Bop.