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    Red, White and Blue in the Sun

    Red, White and Blue in the Sun cover

    Ohhh I’m so excited about spring, warmer temperatures and SUNSHINE! The weather today was the best way to get over the post-holiday blues from my snow holiday with my parents. I didn’t plan on going full red, white and blue when I selected my outfit pieces, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. One of my colleagues commented that I looked very “nautical”. I’ll take that, I think it was meant in a nice way!

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    Spring velvet and Leopard Faux Fur

    Today is officially the first day of spring, huzzah! Sadly it’s pretty grey and miserable outside at the moment, so I’ll share this outfit from last week when the sun was shining. I first posted about this skirt a couple of months ago. I can’t believe I’ve not worn it since!