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    Patterns on a simple colour palette

    Patterns simple colour palette cover

    There’s a couple of things I want to chat about in today’s post. One is the outfit, obviously. The other is locations. And since it’s on my mind, I’m going to touch on cameras and websites too, so buckle up for a fairly wordy post!

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    Mixing Patterns – Spots, Stripes, Checks and Leopard

    Mixing Patterns - Spots, Stripes, Checks, and Leopard Print cover

    We’re in that time of transitional weather, where spring is desperately trying to show its wonderful face, but winter is stubbornly refusing to leave. The key ┬áto dressing during these changing seasons is layering. As someone who is a fan of eclectic style over minimalism, I love to mix up different pieces with a mish-mash of textures and styles. I started out with the polka dot top and striped tube skirt for this look. Once I realised I’d picked out tights with a subtle diagonal check too, I decided to go all out and mix up my patterns even more.