Stormtrooper Tee

Stormtrooper cover

The current F&F advert for Tesco clothing sums up how I came to own this wonderfully grown up Stormtrooper T shirt. I was quite happily doing my weekly shop many moons ago (before I discovered the joys of Ocado) when I stumbled upon this bright red tee in the kid’s section. It’s age 10-11, which always makes me feel a bit good. It’s ok to feel good about fitting into children’s clothes right? Or maybe it’s just the most ridiculous level of vanity sizing. Anyway, I went in to the supermarket to get food and came out with a cool kid’s t shirt, and I’m very happy about it. 

As I was wearing children’s clothes on the top half, I thought I would dress up the bottom half with something a little more grown up. I’ve posted about this amazing &Other Stories skirt before, but I’ll chat about it again for anyone who’s not bored yet. Every time I wear this skirt I like it even more. I’ve tried to capture the way it moves in these images (which is why a lot of them are out of focus!). It’s so light and floaty, it really is a joy to walk in.

Another fairly new purchase I’m still loving is this pink denim jacket. I’m reaching for it a lot lately and it’s the perfect crossover piece for the end of summer. I’m still mourning the loss of my stonewash denim jacket, but having this pink number in my closet certainly softens the blow!

I rarely wear white socks unless I’m doing actual sport, but I quite like the white sock / sneaker combo with this look. These maroon plimsolls were stupidly cheap from budget store Primark ages ago. They’re ever so comfy, although I’m sure they’ll wear apart sooner rather than later.

Finally, I added a playful red headscarf to complete this look. I nearly always forget about accessories, but I love how they can totally complete an outfit. I have rockabilly friends who barely leave the house without a classic knotted headscarf, and I think it’s a great way to be a bit matchy matchy but also totally practical. It’s another thing to add to the list of “must try more often” for sure.

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T Shirt: Tesco

Skirt: & Other Stories (similar)

Jacket: H&M

Shoes: Primark

Bag: OdiLynch

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