Spring Trends – Pink and Red

Pink and red cover

One of the biggest spring / summer trends doing the rounds at the moment is colour clashing pink and red. Since I started blogging, I’ve become much more aware of trends compared to a few years ago. There are quite a few trends that just aren’t up my street. I’m on the fence about mega ruffles at the moment, for example, and I’ll never be a fan of over-distressed denim. Pink and red together though, well this one I love.

I’ve always been a fan of a pop of red. I think the right tone can look great with any skin colour, and it lifts the plainest of outfits to a bolder level. Pink however, not so much. As a teenager I was fairly anti-girly stereotypes, and  as a result, I ignored pink for many years. Dusky pink started popping up on the radar recently as one of this season’s big colours, and I found myself coveting pink pieces. When it started showing up in a colour clash with bold, bright red, I was hooked. I’ve written about this pink jacket before, but these red culottes are another new purchase and I LOVE them.

There’s a Zara just over the road from my office, and I like to have a peruse on my lunch break every so often. I went in on a quiet weekday a few days ago, and found these beauties tucked away upstairs. They have an elasticated waist, so they are the comfiest thing ever as well as being stylish. Win win. The cropped length and light fabric make them perfect for summer, and they’ll go well with other colours too.

Now, pink and red isn’t the only trend I’m digging at the moment. I saw these backless loafers on one of my favourite Spanish bloggers, Helena at Mi Aventura Con La Moda. She was wearing a peachy orange pair which I love, but I would not trust myself with pale, satin shoes! Luckily, these totally affordable shoes come in 4 different colourways, one of which being trusty black. I’ll be perfectly honest, I’m still learning to walk in them, but aesthetically I totally love them. They have the Gucci-inspired metal bar detail and a striking floral design.

As a fan of a bit of matchy-matchy, I dug out my favourite embroidered scarf, which complements these shoes so well. I might have my ankles out, but it was super cold so a poloneck and cosy scarf were a springtime necessity. This scarf was a gift from over 10 years ago and it’s my absolute fave. The colours of the embroidery are just beautiful, and it’s so soft and so versatile. It just so happens that it’s also a perfect match for my new shoes! It was obviously meant to be.

One final thing I want to mention – you can actually still buy these shoes, trousers and jacket in the shops, as linked below. Like a real fashion blogger, I’m actually wearing current pieces for once. Don’t go getting used to it now!

Trousers: Zara

Poloneck: Primark

Scarf: Gift from Hong Kong

Jacket: H&M

Loafers: Romwe

Shop the look:


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