Sparkly Green Loafers and a Velvet Cami

Sparkly Green Loafers and Velvet cami cover

I’m wearing two new(ish) items here that I’ve not yet featured on the blog. This velvet cami and sparkly green loafers were both purchases from my big post-Christmas sale shopping adventure. I’ve worn the top once before but didn’t get a chance to photograph it. I love the feel of the velvet and the deep forest green colour. The sheer fabric at the neckline mixes up the textures and adds a unique touch. The velvet fabric of this top seems to be cut ever so slightly on the diagonal, which means it really wants to twist when you wear it. Whilst that’s not the end of the world, it is slightly annoying and requires fairly constant adjustment.

Under my velvet cami I’m wearing a plain long sleeved white T shirt. After a brief spell of spring like weather, it seems winter has come back to punish us for a little longer. The white is my nod to spring, the long sleeves are my protection against the wintery chill. I’ve tucked the tops into these super-low rise jeans from Italian brand Freesoul. I’ve had this pair for years, picked up in TX Maxx for about twenty pounds. They used to be my favourites, but recently I’m favouring something with a higher waist. I’m excited to style this velvet top with higher waisted items and see if the twisting problem is better or worse.

For outerwear, I’ve thrown on my charcoal wool coat from Topshop that I’ve had for years. Last time I wrote about this coat on the blog, it was adorned with a bundle of roller derby pin badges. I wasn’t feeling the badge vibe today, so I took them off and wore it as a plain, classic wool coat. I really like this colour scheme of blue denim, forest green and charcoal, it feels classic but fresh.

Enough about the mostly old clothes, let’s look at these glorious shoes! If you’d told me a few years ago I’d be overjoyed by green, sparkly, tassled, leather block heeled loafers I would have laughed and laughed. But here I am today, prancing around and showing of these wonderful shoes in all their glory. I saw these shoes whilst browsing the Mango sales online in January and immediately fell in love. I was horrified to discover they were out of stock, but I set up an alert and lo and behold, my size was available again! The size 4 is a perfect fit on me, the leather so soft that they didn’t really need breaking in. Also, just look at them! I’m mildly obsessed.

The heel of these shoes is high enough to make them a bit smart, and to give you that confident walk that only comes with a bit of a heel. The block style is so sturdy and supportive though. I’m fairly confident I could run around in these all day and still be comfortable come home time. I really love how the fringing detail brings a really fun element to these shoes, but without being overly fussy. I really bloomin’ love these shoes, can you tell!?

Cami: Mango

Top (worn underneath): Thifted

Jeans: Freesoul

Shoes: Mango

Coat: Topshop

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