Sleeveless Coat Take 2

Sleeveless Coat Take 2 cover

Not long ago, I posted about wearing this sleeveless coat for the first time. I didn’t realise when I took today’s pictures that I’ve opted for the same colour scheme for its second outing. It seems my love for burgundy and grey runs deep. The weather was a little brighter today, so rather than tights and a fluffy knit, I went for a floaty vest top and jeans. A sleeveless coat does require sleeves, though, and it’s this age old cardigan from trusty M&S that provides that necessary extra layer. I remember buying this cardigan in a charity shop years ago when it suddenly got chilly in the summer. Little did I realise how much of a wardrobe staple it would become!

I also bought these jeans on a whim a couple of months ago. I had one of those days where I absolutely hated my outfit and went on an emergency shopping trip at lunch. Does anyone else have those days? There’s an H&M right next to my office which is super useful to pop in and pick up some affordable pieces. There’s some subtle distressing detail on the hem of the jeans which I like. I’m not a huge fan of mega distressed denim, but a little bit as a feature is a nice touch.

I bought this vest top for about a fiver in the New Look sales a long time ago. The embellished neckline drew my attention right away, it was such a bargain. It was the only one left on the rail, and it’s a size 16, so it hangs really loose on me. I quite like the boho vibe that the oversizing creates, and the double layers move really nicely. It’s also a great top to accommodate a big lunch, although the pale colour wouldn’t be the best for a clumsy person like me!

These Primark flats are a tweed fabric with a sparkle running through them. As they’re Primark, I know they won’t last forever, which is a shame. They’re one of those pieces I wish I’d bought in multiple pairs so I had spares for when the first ones wore out. They’re comfy, interesting, and go with so many outfits.

I know I’ve already written about this coat, but I’ll just say again how glad I am that I picked it up in the Christmas sales. My favourite thing about it is the real boxy structure. I think it adds a contrasting tailored element to a really casual outfit, and really frames the softer shapes and textures.  I have a feeling this will be on repeat throughout Spring and probably reappear in autumn. In this country, there’s about a week between those seasons, so expect to see more of this piece in the future! I promise I’ll try and combine it with a different mix of colours next time.

Coat: Next

Top: New Look

Cardigan: M&S

Jeans: H&M

Shoes: Primark

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