The shorts that started out long

Shorts cover

Ah, these shorts caused me all manner of amusement, long before I’d actually put them on!. I’d been after a pair of smarter shorts for ages. Our office dress code is very relaxed, but the teeny tiny hotpants in my wardrobe remain reserved for festivals and beaches. I had tried on a few pairs of tailored shorts on the high street and they just didn’t fit right. One day, I was browsing ASOS and when I saw these Vila shorts on sale I was sure they were what I’d been searching for all along. It took rather longer than I’d hoped to discover that this was in fact true!

When my order arrived, I excitedly unwrapped the parcel (which also included 2 fantastic dresses that I can’t believe I’ve not yet shared!). Instead of these shorts, I opened a pair of very nice, but not very me, wide fit long trousers. I spoke to the lovely people at ASOS customer services, who duly apologies and promised to send out a replacement pair of shorts straight away.

Lo and behold, my work postie diligently delivered a second ASOS parcel just a few days later. Opening up the parcel, I was presented with a second pair of full length trousers! As amusing as it was, I was a little sad, as this time, ASOS customer services informed me that my size of shorts were in fact out of stock, and I would need to return the trousers for a refund. Since ASOS returns are free, this wasn’t the end of the world, so I sent them back, lamenting my continued lack of work appropriate shorts.

Just as I was starting to wonder when my refund was going to appear, a third package appeared at my desk. This one was noticeably smaller, and contained……the shorts I ordered! Huzzah! I had a moment of panic when I wondered if they would fit, and if I would like them at all. Luckily, they were everything I was hoping for. Light and breathable for summer, with a high waist and tie belt. They’re long and loose fitting enough to be suitable for my super casual office, but still cheeky enough to maintain a relaxed, summery vibe. Hooray!

I cannot lie, I definitely have more shoes than I need. I really love shoes. My darling other half has even built a shoe rack for me in our airing cupboard. One of the things I find myself coveting most is ankle boots. So often on Instagram or Pinterest, I find myself fawning over ankle boots. It doesn’t bear thinking how many pairs I would have if money (and space) were no object! This pair are so versatile. The heel is enough to dress up a more casual outfit, but they’re still good for a healthy amount of walking. If I won the lotto, I’d probably treat myself to the Isabel Marant Etoile versions, but maybe in a different colour. They are my dream boots. One day!

Since I took these pictures, this floral handbag has sadly broken. I really like the print, and I’m thinking of hunting down a slightly better quality version. I bought this bag from Romwe as a test of the budget Chinese company’s quality, and it’s the only item of four that hasn’t lasted, which is pretty good going in my book. These sunglasses are another Romwe purchase and I love them! The gold mirror lenses are quite unique, and there’s some lovely detailing on the frames.

But back to the bag. I really like the floral design, and I’m finding myself wanting to switch up my handbags more often these days. My handbags have to be pretty sturdy to last. I think they’re one accessory that it’s worth spending a little more on. I’m not talking about a month’s wages designer bag, but I am talking about spending a little more on quality materials. Watch this space for the results of my handbag search!


Shorts: Vila @ ASOS

T Shirt – French supermarket

Boots: ASOS

Bag: Romwe

Sunglasses: Romwe

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