Return of the Sunshine (and the Pleated Velvet Skirt)

Return of the Sunshine cover

And just like that, the sunshine comes back! After Monday’s post in full winter get-up, it’s suddenly summer again and I went for a stroll around Kensington gardens in the glorious sunshine. Days like these are my favourite, it’s always such a shame when I have to go back to the office after my lunch break. 

I think I love this velvet skirt a little bit more every time I wear it. The dark blue-green petrol colour is just gorgeous, and the fabric has such a lovely weight to it. I’ve got used to cinching the slightly-too-big waistband in with a belt to the point that I hardly think it’s noticeable. The pleats hide the excess fabric and the skirt still moves beautifully. I did consider trying to alter it when I first bought it, but I really don’t think it’s necessary now.

This light summer top was an impulse buy last year. I’m fairly sure it’s not appeared on the blog before. I had an event with a blue and white colour scheme, and I panic bought a few things including this cotton vest. The casual cut is really comfortable for hotter summer days, and the subtle stripe adds a nice detail. Tucked into the skirt and cinched in with this age old off-white leather belt, I like how the loose fit contrasts with a nipped in waist and flowy skirt.

These sandals are another one of my favourite summer wardrobe stables. I’m sure I’ve talked before about how they must be nearly as old as me, but they’re still going. They were a hand me down from my Mum, who had them for years when I was a small child. The simple two strap style and tan leather just go with everything, and they’ve got a squishy sole I swear I could walk in forever. I genuinely think I will shed a tear when these miracle sandals finally fall to bits.

How long will this gorgeous weather last!? Place your bets! (I’m not particularly hopeful it’ll be more than a day or two…)

 Skirt: M&S

Top: Zara

Belt: Accessorize

Sandals: Vintage

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