Retro Tuesday – Valentine’s Edition

Valentine’s Day. Love it or not, it comes around every year, and it’s pretty much unavoidable. On social media, on the high street, on telly, it’s enforced romance and commercialism everywhere. To be fair, a lot of my friends have been advocating love in general, which is surely a good thing in the world today. I’m not a big fan of competitive romance, so I don’t really buy into the whole thing. I do like to nod to a trend in a small way though, so I’ve worn a red shirt and some rose quartz in honour of the schmaltz.

I’ve mentioned before that I try to go swing dancing on Tuesdays, and as a result, I tend to opt for a more vintage look. Today I’m leaning towards a 40s vibe, with these wide wool trousers and faux fur trimmed jacket. I love these trousers but they’re quite tricky to wear, they’re very long so require a heel, however they’re not quite as high a waist as I would like. This makes it quite difficult to tuck in shorter length tops and means I don’t wear them as often as I would otherwise.

This faux fur collar tweed jacket has been in my wardrobe for years, and it must be one of the most versatile pieces I own. It’s warm enough to snuggle up in when the temperatures are low, but cool enough to throw over a spring outfit without overheating. The neutral grey / brown / black tweed goes with pretty much anything, and I’m a sucker for faux fur.

I keep trying to get rid of this sheer blouse, but it somehow always ends up back in my wardrobe. I really like the subtle dot pattern and the tone of red, but it is quite an odd length and the buttons have a habit of undoing themselves. The red is one of my nods to Valentine’s Day, and this rose quartz pendant is the other. This is one of my favourite wire wrapped pieces, I copied the design from an online tutorial and I love the asymmetry and unique shape of the stone.

Another thing I love are these new leopard fur ankle boots from Mango. They’re one of the purchases I kept from a recent online sale spree and they’re just brilliant. The size 4 is ever so slightly snug on me, but if anything, this adds to their comfort. The low heel is perfect for walking around in and also giving a little height boost, something that’s needed for to lift these trousers off the ground. I can tell I’ll be getting a lot of wear from these subtle animal print beauties.

Coat: Bay Trading Co

Blouse: Primark

Cardigan: M&S

Trousers: H&M

Boots: Mango

Bag: OdiLynch

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