Red, White and Blue in the Sun

Red, White and Blue in the Sun cover

Ohhh I’m so excited about spring, warmer temperatures and SUNSHINE! The weather today was the best way to get over the post-holiday blues from my snow holiday with my parents. I didn’t plan on going full red, white and blue when I selected my outfit pieces, but I’m really happy with how it turned out. One of my colleagues commented that I looked very “nautical”. I’ll take that, I think it was meant in a nice way!

I’m still getting used to the cropped flare trouser style that’s all the rage at the moment. I love the style, and there are tons of bloggers I follow who are nailing the look. I’m not quite there yet, but I’m excited to work on more looks in the new season. I picked up this pair from M&S in the sales at the end of last year. The high waistline lends itself nicely to a cropped cardigan, and I love the colour of the blue denim.

I picked up these flat ballet pumps on holiday, from the clothing section of a supermarket. My folks always stop off at a large hypermarket on the way home to pick up some wine and sweets to bring back to the UK. I saw these shoes hanging up in the clothing section and couldn’t resist throwing them in the trolley. The insole is a lovely soft leather, so they’re really comfy to walk in, and they go perfectly with this outfit!

This striped T shirt from Oasis is a neutral wardrobe staple, and the stripes give this outfit it’s nautical theme! My cropped cardigan is another Collectif sale purchase. I love the embroidery detail above the buttons. Finally, I threw this bleach wash denim jacket over the top. A denim jacket is an absolute wardrobe staple, and I was so pleased when I found this one in Primark. I don’t tend to shop in Primark that much any more for a few reasons, but bagging a bargain jacket that goes with so much was definitely a good purchase.

Top: Oasis

Cardigan: Collectif

Jeans: M&S

Shoes: French supermarket

Jacket: Primark

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