Polka Dot top in the Park

Polka dot top park cover

The spring green grass and flat light put a yellowy green colour cast over the pictures, and I’m nowhere near skilled enough to correct it properly! That being said, I still really like this outfit and wanted to share the images. Nothing here is brand new, but as is so often the case, this is the first time I’m wearing these pieces together.

I’ve ended up with an almost vintage inspired outfit, which is a happy coincidence. I’ve always admired people who commit to a vintage style all the time – I just don’t have the dedication to make that kind of effort every day! One thing I’m learning though, is that it’s actually fairly simple to add retro elements to an everyday outfit. Both this cardigan and the polka dot top are from reproduction vintage brands. I picked up the cardigan in the Collectif sales and it’s fast becoming one of my favourites. The polka dot top is from Lindy Bop. It was really affordable at only £11.99, but the fit is a little odd. I think it was made for someone with a longer torso, perhaps. I think Lindy Bop sizing is a problem for quite a few people. I’ve learnt to size down mostly, however this top is my regular size 12.

I’ve worn these M&S wide leg cropped jeans a few times now, and I’m loving them for summer. The shorter length and wider fit is breathable, and the high waist gives them some structure and shape. I really like how the polka dot top sits over the top of the jeans – I think it creates quite a flattering silhouette.

I’m wearing these slip on loafers from Romwe again as I love the design.  I still don’t think they’re the easiest style of shoe to walk in, but perhaps that’s just me. There definitely won’t be any running for the bus! I know backless loafers are very much a thing at the moment, but I think I’ll be leaving my collection to just this pair. Like so many pairs of fancy heels – I love them, I just can’t walk in them too well!

Finally, I’m finishing off the retro feel of this outfit with these floral sunglasses I bought quite recently from Collectif. I’d seen them online and was desperate to try them on in store to make sure they suited my face. The cat eye shape and floral detail on the frames and arms is a total winner for me. The moment I tried them on I knew I had to have them, and at £11.50 they’re a real bargain. As long as I manage not to lose them, I feel like these will be making a repeat appearance for many summers to come.

Top: Lindy Bop

Jeans: M&S

Cardigan: Collectif

Shoes: Romwe

Sunglasses: Collectif

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