Pink and Red Again! This time with stripes.

Pink and red cover

Pretty soon, I’m sure all the fashion mags will be talking about how the pink and red trend is SO last season. I’m still loving this colour clash though. There’s something really summery and bold about mixing a bold red with a girly pink shade. I’m still working on being braver with my outfit combinations, but it’s not something that comes naturally. I’m envious of people whose natural style is daring, unique and exciting. As you can probably tell, I’m not one of those people! More often than not, I’ll stay safe and pair everything with black, like I have here.

Now I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with black clothing! These tailored cigarette trousers from H&M are a great staple when I want something a little smarter than jeans. The cropped length makes them suitable for summer and they have pockets. Pockets are just great, aren’t they!? I’ve kept the black, pink and red accents going through to my shoes with these embroidered backless loafers. I’m still a bit confused by people who are happy wearing backless shoes all day long. I know a higher end pair are probably more ergonomically designed, but I’m still dubious if they’re as suitable for running for a bus as they are for posing on quiet side streets!

I’m so glad I bought this pink jacket when I foolishly lost my stonewash denim one on the 200 yard walk between the pub and my office. I’m a total convert to pink, and the length and shape of this jacket go with so much of my wardrobe. I hope I’m still as big a fan of pink for many seasons to come, as I feel like this jacket will become one of my summer favourites.

Talking of many seasons, I’m pretty sure I’ve had this striped jersey top since uni. I love the thick red neckline and I used to love the elasticated waist. I’m not sure that I’m loving this top with these trousers however. The elastic seems to make the T shirt bunch in ways that aren’t particularly flattering. I think I’d be better off with either a boxier or a looser fit, like this one or this one, shown below in the “Shop The Look” section.

Top: Primark

Trousers: H&M

Shoes: Romwe

Jacket: H&M

Shop the look:

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