Pink Denim and Maroon (and grey again!)

Pink denim jacket cover

I mentioned a little while ago that I lost my bleach denim jacket on an ill fated trip to the pub in the sunshine. As sad as I was to find it had disappeared, it was an excuse to buy this gorgeous pink replacement from H&M. Well, I say replacement, but I’m definitely planning on finding another light blue denim jacket as well. I’m massively into the pink and red trend that’s everywhere at the moment. Some trends I can admire from a distance, but this faux-pas of clashing colours has me hooked. Today’s outfit is a really subtle nod to that trend, with this pale pink denim over my trusty maroon cardigan.

Since I’ve worn maroon, it seems that I absolutely must wear grey too. I appear to have a slight obsession with this colour combination, as seen here and here. These grey skinnies are a bit long, as you can see from the turn ups. I think they’d probably look better if I actually took up the hem, but that’s one of those things on the endless to-do list that I’ve just not got around to sitting down and getting done!

I’ve kept everything else black to keep the pink and dark red the focus. This age old lace panel vest is one of my faves for days when I’m not feeling so body confident. The gathered waistband just drapes over everything squishy, and the lace detail and flower applique draw attention away from my midriff. Also, it’s black, and you can’t go wrong with black.

I really love the pink shade of this jacket. It’s pale enough to be subtle and match a whole plethora of outfits, but pink enough to make a bit of a statement. It fits nicely, with just the tiniest bit of stretch and a thick, quality feel to the denim. I can already see that this jacket is going to be on repeat during the summer. Now I just need a blue denim one to mix things up a bit…

Talking of quality, these suede flats from New Look have lasted a lifetime. They’re definitely on their last legs – the inner sole has all but perished and they certainly look “aged”. But they fit well, they go with everything  and they have this gorgeous gold piping on the back that’s a wonderful detail and just a bit Art Deco . With some new insoles and some suede restorer, I reckon I can justify keeping them going for a few more years. I am such a hoarder, if you’d not already guessed.

Top: New Look

Jeans: H&M

Cardigan: M&S

Jacket: H&M

Shoes: New Look

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