Patterns on a simple colour palette

Patterns simple colour palette cover

There’s a couple of things I want to chat about in today’s post. One is the outfit, obviously. The other is locations. And since it’s on my mind, I’m going to touch on cameras and websites too, so buckle up for a fairly wordy post!

Let’s talk about the outfit first, since this is first and foremost a fashion blog. Even though I am in my 30s, I’m still very much finding my personal style, This means I often wear totally different styles of clothes, from different eras, with a different vibe. I’ve got a huge amount of respect and admiration for people who have a very specific aesthetic and stick to it rigorously. I am not one of those people. One thing I am quite keen on is being a bit matchy matchy with my colours. It’s not often that I’ll commit to a fully monochrome look, but mixing two colours like I’ve done here is something that I enjoy from time to time.

None of my outfit is new, as is generally the way with me! These trousers have been in my wardrobe since the last time a wide leg was in fashion. The T shirt was an impulse buy during a wine and cheese stock up on a trip to France a few years ago. This suede coat is a staple from New Look. I’ve got a feeling I bought it not long after the new Westquay retail park opened in Southampton, which would make it over 15 years old! Does that make it vintage now!? These Bronx shoes have featured heavily on the blog and my Instagram, as has this bargainous scarf from a Camden Market shopping spree at the beginning of last year.

I like the simplicity of having 2 featured colours, I think it makes what is quite a haphazard outfit look much more cohesive. Both the sand and the dark red of this look are warm, earthy tones which help create a relaxed overall look. There are quite a few patterns going on here, with the delicate embroidery on the scarf, leopard AND zebra prints. With more colours involved, this many details might have been a bit much, but with a simple colour palette they’re not overwhelming.

Location Location Location! I don’t have an awful lot of time to snap my outfit pictures, so they tend to always be in the same places each time. On a recent lunchtime wander, I discovered this side street which was pretty deserted and had this fantastic blue garage door. I get quite self conscious setting up my phone and posing, so finding secluded locations to snap myself is a must. I’m definitely not someone who carefully curates each picture, or has a specific theme or brand to my blog. I simply don’t have the time! I’m hoping that the more I blog, the more I’ll manage to develop some kind of coherent theme. Until then, I shall remain on the hunt for new, interesting places to balance my little phone on a ledge and click my little remote shutter!

On the subject of images, I feel the need to apologise again for the poor quality of mine. I’m becoming more and more aware that my camera pictures are severely lacking in pixels. It all looks fine on my tiny phone screen, but once it’s on a big old computer the poor quality is painfully apparent. I’m counting down the days until I get a “real” camera, so please be patient with my until then!

I’d love to hear from other amateur bloggers – do you carefully plan each picture and post to stay true to a theme you’ve created? Did you have a top of the range camera to start? Do you have other people to take your pictures? I’m looking forward to becoming part of the blogging community in future, but for now I’m 100% on my own and so keen to learn.

Top: French supermarket

Jacket: New Look

Scarf: Camden Market

Trousers: H&M

Shoes: Bronx

Bag: OdiLynch

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