Pastel jeans and Peacock Print

Pastel jeans cover

I’m in quite a rut at the moment, and having a big old rethink of my blog. It’s coming up for 6 months since I launched Shoestring Threads, and I’m constantly learning about running a fashion blog! One thing I’ve realised is that I wear a lot of old clothes. I feel like I go clothes shopping a lot, but it’s certainly not enough to constantly post content with current pieces.

Another thing I’ve learnt is that natural light is very important. I know that my pictures are very poor quality – they’re taken on a smart phone! I’m also not the most technically competent person. I do some basic editing of my images using the free software package Gimp. For ages, the only editing I did was on Instagram! I’m quite the fan of an Instagram filter, so I try to create a similar look with some simple saturation and curve tweaks. When the light is good, I barely touch the images I upload to the blog. When it’s a bit gloomy, or I’m too late and it’s already dusk then the image quality suffers terribly. Even the angle of the light is important. I discovered that images taken seconds apart but facing in opposite directions can be so, so different in terms of light quality. Fascinating stuff!

Anyway, enough talk about my blogging issues and phone photography 101. Let’s talk about these pieces that have been in wardrobe forever. I’m a big fan of pastel denim in summer. I quite like it in winter too with darker colours, but it somehow feels harder to wear. I think it’s important to find trousers that fit well, as pastel shades tend to be less flattering. I’m super lazy when it comes to alterations, so I’ve rolled the hem on these rather than taking them up. Adding a nude heel helps smarten the look, but I think I might have to get the sewing machine out eventually!

This peacock print T shirt is one of my favourite Primark buys from my thriftier days. I hardly shop in Primark any more, I don’t have the patience to look for a gem amongst the sea of things that really aren’t to my tastes! To give credit where it’s due, this top must be about 10 years old and it’s held together through countless washes. I adore the colours in the design, and the pastel blues match nicely with the shade of the jeans. One of the plus points of being such a clothes hoarder means I don’t tend to wear things to death, so they last a lot longer.

This pinstripe blazer is even older than the T shirt, but I like how it brings the look together. It’s a deep brown colour which I really like, but often struggle to match. the piping matches quite nicely, however, with this rather ridiculous time turner necklace I bought from eBay. I was having one of those stressful days where there just weren’t enough hours in the day. I think I saw an ad for a necklace like this whilst going through my e-mail, so treated myself with a bit of retail therapy for a few pounds. Sadly the sand in the hourglass only runs for less than a second, so I’m still tasked with fitting everything into a 24 hour day like every other muggle!

Jeans: Zara

Top: Primark

Blazer: TK Maxx

Shoes: Primark

Necklace: eBay

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