Over The Knee Boots

Over-The-Knee boots are all over the place at the moment, and I’ve wanted a pair for ages, but not wanted to shell out hundreds of pounds for a trend that I wasn’t sure would suit me, or be particularly easy to wear. When I saw this suedette pair in New Look on sale for just £20, I couldn’t resist snapping them up! Burgundy is one of my favourite colours for clothing and accessories so adding more to my wardrobe is a no – brainer.

These boots are flat, which makes them perfect for a casual weekday working look for commuting to the office and running errands on my lunch break. The suedette fabric is super soft and comfortable, but that does come with the downside that with one wear they’re already a bit scuffed. I think for someone less clumsy and scatter-limbed than I, they might last a bit longer, but I’ve got a feeling these boots might start to look a little bedraggled sooner rather than later. I have a habit of wearing the things I own until they literally fall apart, so only time will tell if the scuffing to this pair will be merely cosmetic, or if they won’t stand up to the hardships of a London winter in comparison with a tougher real suede pair.

Some of my friends have joked about my pin padges on the lapels of this coat, but yet I’ve only had compliments from strangers! They’ve been there for a while – I bought one from each team at a roller derby tournament in France a couple of years ago and the collection has gradually grown, representing roller derby leagues from all over Europe. Apparently, badges were a big trend last summer (I totally missed that one!) so I’m only a season or so late to the party. I think it’s a nice way to add a personal touch and a bit of my personality to what is otherwise a very plain and sensible coat!

Badges aside, OTK boots is a trend I’m definitely going to be wearing for a a while. I loved wearing them over skinny jeans, and I’m looking forward to warmer weather to try out the bare legs and mini skirt combo. Watch this space!

Boots: New Look

Jeans: H&M

Jumper: H&M. Similar here

Coat: Topshop. Similar here

Scarf: Vintage. Similar here

Bag: OdiLynch

Pin Badges – Various European Roller Derby leagues!

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