Old Clothes, New Outfit

I’ve worn every item in this post hundreds of times, but never together! The burgundy knit from last winter is the newest piece here, and it’s featured many times over on my Instagram. I’m also wearing my go-to block heeled ankle boots, which have had A LOT of wear over the years. This thin Mac from Primark was a bargain buy ages ago, and whilst I’d like to invest in a higher quality version, I’ve yet to find something that I’m willing to splash out on when this one does the job pretty well. Finally, this printed light cotton skirt: I’m wearing in my Twitter profile pic, and it must be at least 10 years old now! 

I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of disposable fashion, and it’s still true today. I love to watch new trends roll onto the high street and update my wardrobe with current pieces, but I’ll only buy something I’m still going to like next season. I’ve seen this combination of ankle boots and a midi skirt a lot on social media lately. I used to think that ankle boots and midi skirts were only for the super tall, but the moment I put this combination together I changed my mind. Perhaps I was just excited about the rising temperatures allowing a look without tights for a change!

Tucking a loose knit into a flowing skirt gives this outfit a really relaxed, casual feel. By adding a fitted coat and a bit of height with a slight heel, I think it stops the overall look becoming too sloppy. I’m a huge fan of burgundy and I’ve kept the rest of the outfit neutral. I love how wearing all these old items together for the first time feels new and fresh, without the price tag of a shopping spree!

I’ve still not got around to digging out a different bag for a change of accessory. This OdiLynch number accompanies me everywhere, every day. It’s practical and sturdy and just seems to work with everything, but I would like to mix things up soon. I’ll have to actually add it to my to-do list and make a commitment to dig out another handbag. It can be done!

Coat: Primark

Jumper: H&M

Skirt: Monsoon

Boots: ASOS

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