Mixing Prints – Stars and Zebra

Mixing Prints - Stars and zebra cover
I spend a lot of time looking for inspiration on Instagram, reading blogs or just in the street. One of the things I often wish is that I could be more adventurous with my outfits. Some of my favourite blogs like Pages By Megan and The Girl Who Lived For Clothes always feature bold, adventurous, eclectic outfits. Then there’s the likes of Lucy at Fashion Me Now and Sheryl at Walk In Wonderland who have a more subtle vibe, but often include statement pieces and quirky extras. The trouble I often face is the panic that everyone will laugh at me. I just don’t yet possess the confidence to throw on a Susie Bubble-esque ensemble and strut to work without a care in the world.

With my own sartorial apprehension in mind, this outfit was pretty daring, by my standards at least. I’ve worn these trousers a few times before, but always with a neutral top. I’ve had this star print top for aaaages, but usually wear it with plain bottoms. So stepping out of the house wearing star print AND zebra stripes was a pretty big deal. One of my colleagues did comment that it was an “interesting” combo. I’m not sure he meant that in a good way. I nearly didn’t publish these pictures because I think I look a bit ridiculous. But what’s the point of pushing outside of your comfort zone if you’re not going to see it through?
Unsurprisingly, because I’m still a big fashion wimp, I’ve got a plain black jacket over my star print top. And plain black ankle boots under my zebra print trousers. This top looks more flattering in real life than in pictures, I think. It was an impulse purchase from Next and it always feels like it sits nicely.
There was a lot of black and white going on with this outfit, so I added a red lip for just a bit of colour. I like to wear lipstick but don’t remember to touch it up very often, so it’s often vanished by lunchtime! I have endless envy for anyone who can maintain immaculate lippie throughout the entire day.

Top: Next

Trousers: Lindy Bop

Boots: ASOS

Jacket: H&M

Bag: OdiLynch

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Spring blossoms in the park
Spring Blossoms are out! Let’s have a bit more spring sunshine now yeah!?

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