Mixing Patterns – Spots, Stripes, Checks and Leopard

Mixing Patterns - Spots, Stripes, Checks, and Leopard Print cover

We’re in that time of transitional weather, where spring is desperately trying to show its wonderful face, but winter is stubbornly refusing to leave. The key  to dressing during these changing seasons is layering. As someone who is a fan of eclectic style over minimalism, I love to mix up different pieces with a mish-mash of textures and styles. I started out with the polka dot top and striped tube skirt for this look. Once I realised I’d picked out tights with a subtle diagonal check too, I decided to go all out and mix up my patterns even more.

The lining of this duffle coat is a gorgeous red, navy and white check. I’ve had the coat for years, but I feel like I’m wearing it more and more lately. It’s cosy, I love the fit and it seems to go with a lot of my spring outfits this season. I added this old cropped crochet cardigan for a bit of extra warmth. Finally, I thought I would finish the outfit off with these leopard print slip on trainers, just to add another print into the mix! I know it’s not everyone’s favourite, but I’m happy to see leopard print come back year after year. I’m not one for the head-to-toe look, but I do love a splash of animal print here and there to liven up a simple colour palette.

Does everyone remember Pilot? I was surprised to see that this brand is still going online – it’s certainly not really my style any more, but I’ve got a few items from back in the day that are still hanging around in my wardrobe. I remember nearly getting rid of this crochet cropped cardi on more than one occasion, but then I wear it again and remember how much I like it. The collar can be annoying under a coat, but on its own it sits really nicely. The slightly flared sleeves are warm but still practical, and pretty on trend at the moment. Lastly, white is such a great colour to bring a layered outfit into spring. I think it’s safe to say this piece will remain in my wardrobe for a while yet.

This polka dot top was part of a mini haul I ordered from Lindy Bop last year. I love the style, but the proportions are a little odd. The bust section tends to ride high on me, but if I pull it down it’s not really suitable for work. The sleeves naturally fall to an off-the-shoulder style, but I find the top half just doesn’t sit quite right. It’s a shame, as this is a lovely vintage style piece that I think I would wear a lot more, if only I was shaped slightly differently!


Top: Lindy Bop

Skirt: H&M

Cardi: Pilot

Coat: Topshop

Trainers: H&M

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