Layering with velvet and lace

Layering velvet and lace cover

I picked up this Mango dress in one of my online shopping sprees over the Christmas season. It sat in my wardrobe for months, as I just couldn’t work out how to style it. Last season’s velvet trend was a favourite of mine, and this midnight blue dress seemed like a perfect addition to my collection. These pictures don’t do justice to the deep blue colour. The lace hem detailing is beautiful, and the length is great for a transitional piece. The trouble is my shape. The bloggers I follow who rock this look are all somewhat slimmer than me. Most notably, they are less top heavy. I’ve saved quite a few pins on this style in on my Pinterest page, but there don’t seem to be many of bustier ladies.

Every time I tried on this dress, it just looked like a sack. It’s pretty low cut, but straight up and down with no stretch. Adding a structured belt just bunched the fabric, and wearing it without layering was too revealing. I was on the verge of sending it back, but I love the colour, the fabric and that lace detailing so much I thought I’d have one last go at styling it. Adding a narrower belt stopped the fabric gathering too much and hanging strangely. The knot adds some more focus to the waistline too, which I think helps to give the dress a bit more shape.

I’d picked up this tee from H&M a few weeks prior. I can’t remember why, but I needed something more practical than whatever I was wearing at the time, and at £3.99 you can’t go wrong. Years ago, I used to have a real issue with mixing navy and black, but nowadays I quite like the subtle combo of these dark shades. The stripes are simple enough not to detract from the lace trim, but give an extra layer to this ensemble. I think the neckline works perfectly with the cut of the dress too.

It was a really sunny day, so I opted for these summery sandals I’ve had a for a few years. With the leopard print, the lace, velvet and stripes, this outfit could be really busy, but I think each detail is simple enough that they work together and aren’t too busy. I’m so glad I found a way to style this dress, and I’m keen to look for other options so I can wear it again!

Dress: Mango

T Shirt: H&M

Sandals: Zara

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