Khaki Hooded Jacket and a Maxi Skirt

Khaki Hooded Jacket cover

This hooded parka is a new purchase from Chinese retailer Romwe and I love it. I discovered Romwe through Spanish blogger Helena Cueva over at Mi Aventura Con La Moda. As they’re based in China, I really wasn’t sure what to expect, so I didn’t go crazy and purchased 4 items to get a feel for the brand. This coat and my embroidered loafers (featured here) arrived in  just a few days, as I think they were stored and shipped from a European warehouse. I also ordered a handbag and some sunglasses which took a couple of weeks to arrive but turned up in perfect condition. I’ll feature them on the blog soon.

Let’s talk about this jacket though. At less than £20 I wasn’t expecting high quality. I have a hooded khaki cotton jacket from H&M that has become my festival jacket, but it’s coming to the end of its days and in need of replacing. So when I saw this khaki hooded jacket on the Romwe site, I thought it was worth checking out. I was totally not disappointed. The fabric actually feels quite thick and sturdy, and soft fleece lining is a cosy touch. The hood is HUGE and easily fits over my hair, which is definitely a bonus. I’ve read various reviews about the sizing being off from Romwe, but I ordered a medium after looking at the sizing chart, and it’s a perfect fit. It’s fitted enough when done up but with plenty of room to move around.


Since it’s spring, I wanted to wear something a little lighter with this wintery jacket. I’ve had this full length floral skirt for years and years, and it’s a great piece for a bit of warmth with some spring vibes. I love the asymmetric patches and all the different colours in the little flowers. I’ve gone for a simple black top to keep the focus on the skirt.

It’s probably about 10 years since Lily Allen brought the “trainers and a prom dress” look to the fashion mainstream. Whilst this isn’t exactly a prom dress, I still enjoy pairing a skirt with trainers to make an outfit super casual. These leopard print slip ons are comfy, and I like how they add a bit of a print clash to an otherwise quite plain look. It makes it easier to twirl as well, as seen below in my gratuitous spinning shot.

Jacket: Romwe

Skirt: H&M

Top: New Look

Shoes: H&M

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