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So, first up I’m going to say please excuse the slightly odd tones on some of these images. In preparation for hopefully receiving a proper camera for my birthday in a few months, I’ve been trying to break bad image habits.  I’ll tell you a shameful secret – the images on my blog thus far have been through a series of lazy and quality destroying edits. First up, I was using the facing camera on my phone. Yup, the front facing camera. On my phone. It gets worse! In order to try and make my “selfies” look a little sharper, I ran them through a bunch of Instagram filters, screen-shotted and cropped the image and sent it through to my computer. Hence why all of my pictures have about 19 pixels and are as clear as mud.

I’m making progress in baby steps. These images were still taken on my phone, and still in selfie mode. However, I have used the actual image from my phone – non Instagrammed, and used the free image editing program GIMP to adjust the levels a little and whack a vignette on these pics. I love a good vignette. I have a looooong way to go to be able to edit images properly. I’m googling absolutely everything and I’m definitely not happy with the levels yet, but it’s all a learning process and I bloomin love learning.

But enough about software and my technological ineptitude, let’s talk about clothes! It was a sunny Saturday when I got dressed in this outfit and I was feeling sartorially brave. I’ve been wanting to wear this metallic leather skirt from Zara for ages, but it’s quite the statement piece and I kept bailing and opting for a more sensible option. Not this day though! This day I channeled my inner rock beast and wore it with my favourite Metallica tee, a matte leather moto jacket and leopard print trainers.

What’s more, I even went for a full-on trend with these fishnet ankle socks. I’ve seen them pop up on more and more insta feeds, and thought I’d give the look a go. I don’t often wear socks as a feature, but I like how these are subtle but still a bit different. I try not to wear enclosed shoes with bare feet, so a super light fishnet sock is a perfect compromise. The lace top is actually really comfortable and doesn’t dig in like a lot of ankle socks do.

I remember buying this T shirt at a fairly gloomy Download festival about 10 years ago. It was hanging on a rail for less than a tenner and I snapped it up. I then went on a mini adventure between the stalls finding someone with scissors so I could cut the sleeves and neck off like I do with all of my T shirts. This is my most worn and most loved band T shirt, and I like the way it hangs tucked into this mega high waisted skirt.

Talking of the skirt, it’s a super bargain I found in my last big sale shopping phase at the beginning of the year. A Zara medium, it’s certainly snug, and the popper fastenings are at risk of popping open. This is nothing a few shifted pounds won’t fix though. It’s genuine leather, which is amazing considering it was reduced to £9.99. I think the length is really flattering, and I love the metallic finish.

Finally, I’ve finished off my outfit with my trusty leather New Look jacket and these slip on leopard print trainers. These are pieces I’ve had in my wardrobe for years and are staples to finish off a casual outfit. I’m really happy with how this look turned out, and it’s definitely boosted my confidence to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things!

Skirt: Zara

T Shirt: Download Festival circa 2007!

Jacket: New Look

Shoes: H&M

Socks: eBay

Bag: OdiLynch

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