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Friday Faves – Sales, Home Cooking, Corsets and Shoes


I love the sales. I’ve noticed that I tend to re-stock my wardrobe twice a year, in the end of summer and the post-Christmas sale periods. Since the fashion world is always one step in the future, this means that often the “end of summer” sales are at the beginning of summer. Likewise, the January sales of winter stock occur when there’s still a fair amount of winter left. So I’m currently stocking up on winter collection pieces that will see me through many winters to come.

I’m still adding to my sale purchases, so I’ll do a full post once I’ve stopped and round up what bargains I’ve found! I’ve tried to venture away from my comfort zone and add some pieces that are a bit more adventurous. I say this every year, but I really do want to try and add more exciting elements to my wardrobe. Often I’ll pass someone in the street who I think looks fantastic, with a crazy colour combination, cut or accessory as a stand out feature. When I’m standing in front of the mirror on a miserable winter morning though, I suddenly lose my nerve and default to safe, dare I say it, slightly boring smart casual outfits.

I’m determined to make 2018 the year to change this! I’ve added some of my favourite sale picks below. They’ll probably sell out in no time, but that’s the whole point of the sales, no!?

Home cooked food

In the run up to the Christmas period, it felt like I just stopped cooking properly. I wasn’t exactly out partying all the time, but I slipped with meal planning and got rather lazy. I don’t think I’d noticed how much I’d missed home cooked food until this week, when I managed to make time to buy ingredients and knock up some delicious dinners.

A good hearty plate of food is so welcoming in the colder months, and Chicken Fricassee ticks all the boxes for a good weekday dinner for me. I don’t often follow recipes, but since I’ve been out of the cooking game for so long, I thought I’d refresh my memory! I used this recipe for the fricassee and it turned out perfectly.

One of my favourite weekend brunches is Eggs Benedict, or Royale. In reality, Hollandaise is not difficult to make at all. It just requires a bit of concentration for a few minutes to avoid some common errors. I use this recipe for my Hollandaise, but reduced the butter to around 80g for 2 people. 40g of butter each is still pretty indulgent! The key here is to make sure that the water in the pan in only just simmering, and the bowl doesn’t touch the water. If it looks like it’s about to start cooking, take the bowl off the heat immediately and add some iced water. Simple!

Last but not least, I made a veggie cottage pie the other day, because the shop had run out of mince! It turned out so well, I’ll make it again soon and share the recipe. I’m definitely trying to eat less meat this year and be more mindful of where my food comes from, so a veggie version of a meaty meal is an excellent alternative.

Celine Shoes

I won’t lie, I get 90% of my wardrobe inspiration from my Instagram feed. I follow a whole host of people, from my friends, to influencers with millions of followers, to smaller accounts I’ve discovered organically. Some of my favourite accounts showcase high street looks, vintage and thrifted items. On the other end of the spectrum, some of my favourite bloggers are often sharing top-to-toe designer looks. More often than not, it’s a mixture of all of the above.

One thing I keep seeing crop up on the high end side of things is Celine shoes. Or should that be are Celine shoes? Any which way, there’s something about the edgy simplicity of their design that’s really appealing to me at the moment.  I love the deep v and curved edges of the court shoes, the block heeled sandals and the twist on the ankle boots. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to afford Celine shoes however, so I’ve found a few similar styles that are easier on the wallet.

What Katie Did

Last summer I treated myself to my first purchase from What Katie Did – the Waspie Glamour Nouveau. I’d been considering buying some shapewear for a while to help my vintage outfits look the part, and I’d always heard really good things about this brand. It’s not often I buy anything at full price, but I think £35 is really good value for a well made piece of lingerie that should last a good long while.

I was so happy when my waspie was delivered. It was beautifully wrapped in tissue and ribbon, which is a special touch that I think adds an element of luxury. The size 12 fitted me well – it’s snug (that’s the point!) but not restrictive or uncomfortable. I’ll admit that after a full day sitting down, I was more than ready to take it off when I got home, but overall it’s something I’d happily wear for a whole day or evening. I’d definitely buy more from What Katie Did, the product, packaging and selection are all top notch. Maybe next time I’ll splash out on a fully boned corset for a really defined waistline!

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