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Friday Faves – Trainers, Homewear, Pink and MR

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It’s Friday again! There are a few things I’ve been lusting after this week, along with a brand new discovery that’s taken far too long to appear on my radar. Let’s begin! This past week, my favourite things were:

1. White trainers

All over social media, I’m seeing more and more images of white trainers with a multitude of outfits. I’m not sure if it’s something I’m noticing more because it’s something I want, or if it’s actually happening more. White trainers with dresses, white trainers with jeans, white trainers with smart trousers. It seems like all manner of outfits can be dressed down with a sleek pair of white trainers, and I’m coveting them all over the place right now!

I’ve added a selection of my favourite white trainers below. The classic Adidas Stan Smith is probably the most iconic, but I’m a huge fan of Converse too. I’ve read good things about the brand Superga recently as well. If money were no object, I’d totally splash out on the Gucci beauties. Next payday, I’m 100% adding some classic white trainers to my already enormous collection of shoes!


2. Homeware

My house is tiny. Like, so small that we can’t fit a full sized sofa in our lounge. It’s still a house though, and I’m genuinely grateful that I’m fortunate to have found it. We don’t have to worry about neighbours above and below, and we have a teeny garden that’s fab in summer. The trouble is, both my fella and I are total hoarders. We have SO MUCH STUFF it’s quite ridiculous, and certainly not compatible with living in a minuscule space.  Because of this, I’ve never really been into home decor or furnishings. I love my tiny house, and it feels like home, but to most people it’s probably just a collection of crap! The storage we do have is haphazard and functional, and there’s no real “style” to the place at all.

Lately, however, I’ve felt a real urge to try and bring a bit more personality to our micro-home. I’ve spent a couple of lunch breaks falling down a Pinterest rabbit hole for small space design ideas and now I really want to work out a way to make my home a little less “clutter” and a little more “compact style”! Credit as ever for this newfound inspiration must go to Lizzie Hadfield from Shot from the Street. I’ve been following her move from Manchester to London religiously, and seeing her passion for interiors and creating her own space has really sparked my newfound desire to be a bit more creative at home. Sure, I don’t live in a beautiful period townhouse in Notting Hill, but a girl can dream!

On my current homewear wishlist:


Not the platinum selling artist, although she’s pretty cool too. I mean the colour. As a child, I reliably rejected anything pink, presumably to counter any accusations of being “girly”. Fast forward twenty or so years, and I’m coveting a head to toe pink wardrobe. My recent pink denim jacket purchase was probably the point at which I fell in love with “millennial” pink, and I still can’t get enough of it. Sadly, I have neither the funds nor the space to rush out and buy myself everything I desire. To be honest, that’s probably a good thing. Much as I envy those who are less restricted by wardrobe size and limited finances, I’m wary of the fast fashion fad of disposable trends.

I imagine I will gradually continue to add pink pieces to my collection, as my newfound love for this pastel shade isn’t going anywhere. It’s not entirely clear why this shade has been so popular in the fashion world for so long, and I can’t tell you why I’m so taken with it either. It’s likely the two are related. The prevalence of amazing pink outfits on my social media serves as a constant stream of new pieces to desire! Here are some of the pieces I’m lusting after the most.

Man Repeller

Quite how I’ve been loitering around the blogging world for this long without being an avid reader of Man Repeller is beyond me. I’ve been following Leandra Medine for a while on Instragram, but somehow never actually followed the MR site. I love the fact that it acknowledges the fact that people can like fashion and also have a brain. I’m as guilty as the next person for feeling sometimes like my love for fashion is a vapid pursuit of vanity, but really I know there’s a lot more to it than that.

In one week, I read about the morning routines of successful people, a massive rant about Friends, and a piece on Jennifer Garner as an unlikely casual style icon. I read a guest article on being sober,  a piece on how summer changes when we’re adults, and, funnily enough, the “new” it colour taking over from millennial pink – Gen Z yellow. There’s a broad scope of topics covered, and the vast majority of the comments are actually genuine discussions. Sure, some of the articles are pretty leftfield and trolls find their way into the comments sections every now and again. But Man Repeller has reminded me that it’s ok to be me. It’s ok to like the things I like and not feel ashamed about it. Hey, I may be late to the party, but I’m sure glad I got there in the end!

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