The Forgotten Dress that makes me want to start sewing again

Forgotten Dress Sewing cover
I live in a small house, and I have a lot of clothes. I’ve written previously about my dislike of the term “fast fashion” and the idea that items are disposable. The trouble is, I think I may live by this rule a little too steadfastly, being somewhat of a hoarder. As a result, many items are unceremoniously stuffed down the back of wardrobes and hiding in bags in cupboards. This dress is such an item.

I made this dress for a fancy dress party around 7 or 8 years ago I think. I’m guessing I must have used a pattern, but I don’t remember buying one! The style is fairly basic, with a full skirt and halterneck top. Then there’s some ruching in the waist and a zip fastening at the back. It was such a satisfying surprise to find this dress for a couple of reasons. One is that it’s obviously always great finding a piece you still love that you’d forgotten you had. It’s like going shopping, but for free! The other is that I’d genuinely forgotten I was capable of sewing anything more than a hem or a tube skirt. I’ve always been a fairly lazy sewer, skipping arguably important but not essential steps like stay stitching, pressing and properly hemming my garments.

I made this dress before I was so interested in vintage style, which might explain why it vanished from both sight and my memory. Luckily I managed to unearth it just before a gorgeous hot summer day. The lightweight cotton and backless design made it perfect for frolicking in the park and heading out for drinks later in the evening. It’s reminded me that I CAN sew, and there’s something so satisfying about wearing something you’ve made yourself. Maybe I should go and re-watch the Great British Sewing Bee to get myself inspired! Sadly the show has now been axed, so I’ll have to look to the archive for my sewing competition needs.

I’ll briefly mention the other items I’m wearing, since you can just go out and buy some of these. No needle and thread required! My sandals were a bargain ebay purchse and are still going strong. The green shrug and sunglasses are from Collectif. The shrug was from last season but the sunglasses are still available here. I just love the retro shape and the floral design.
My bag is from Romwe and I’ve spoken about it before on Instagram, but not on the blog. I really love the design and I’m trying to get better at carrying less rubbish, so the smaller size is great to downsize but still fits all the essentials. Romwe is a budget web store based in China, and when I first bought a few bits from them I was dubious of the quality. So far the coat and sunglasses I bought from them are doing fine, and I’ve not worn the shoes enough time to tell, however this bag is already starting to wear. The straps are beginning to tear away from their fixings. I’m quite heavy handed with my bags, and I think if I had only used this as an occasion bag I would have extended its life for many more months. As it stands though, I probably won’t buy budget handbags again. I’m not ready to shell out a month’s wages on a designer piece, but sometimes I think it’s safe to say that quality costs a bit more than a tenner.

Dress: Home made

Cardigan: Collectif

Sunglasses: Collectif

Sandals: Ebay

Handbag: Romwe

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