Faux Fur and Sunshine

My favourite kind of winter day is when it’s crisp, cold and sunny. Today was exactly that kind of day, so I delved to the very back of my wardrobe to bring out my number one cold weather coat – this amazing chocolate brown vintage faux fur number.

This coat has been mine for around 15 years, but as I bought it in a charity shop I’ve no idea how long it had been around before then! I still remember the day I bought it – it was a surprisingly cold day in Salisbury and I was wandering around the city centre when I saw a lady in the window of one of the charity shops about to hang this coat on a mannequin in the window. I rushed over and told her not to bother since I wanted to wear it immediately, and for the princely sum of ten pounds I was immediately a lot warmer and a lot happier! Since it is SO warm, I don’t get to wear it particularly often, but when the temperatures drop and the mornings are frosty, it’s the perfect cover up to throw on over my outfit for the day.

I have a habit of tying all my cardigans around my waist (like in this post), and it wasn’t until I took these pictures at lunch time that I realised it realllly didn’t work with this look. With the cardigan undone, I actually quite like how it frames this outfit and creates a different dimension to the boxy skirt and high necked polo. Something else that didn’t work for this shoot was looking towards the sun. I literally couldn’t open my eyes looking anywhere to my right, hence the hilarious catalogue pose below. Also, I wear a lot of maroon. It’s amazing what you learn when you take pictures of yourself every day!

All the buttons came off this coat years ago and I’ve not got round to replacing them yet. It hangs really well when worn open though, and I can wrap in around myself and burrow into the soft, fluffy collar when the bitter wind strikes. The rich, deep brown colour goes with pretty much everything, and I usually like to keep my bottom half fairly slim fitting and minimal to balance the bulk of this gorgeous coat. The deep pockets are also great at keeping hands warm, as well as storing all manner of bits and bobs – I can fit my phone, keys, travel card, lip balm and my gloves in these if I don’t want to go digging around in my bag all day.

I don’t mind digging around in my OdiLynch bag though, as I do love it so much. Sadly I can’t quite justify the cost of buying another one at full price, and there’s no sale items on their website at the moment, but I might just make a little visit to their Camden market stall, where I picked up this one in January last year, in case there are any other bargains to be had. They’re definitely worth the full price though, the craftmanship and quality is excellent, and they are such great value for something that’s hand made, unique and from a genuine independent business.

Anyway, enough of my gushing about my handbag, go and buy a faux fur coat and layer it over neutrals and autumnal pieces like this poloneck, checked flocked skirt and thick wool grey tights. You’ll feel as snug as a bug in a rug AND a million dollars. Win win.

Coat: Charity shop. Similar here

Skirt: New Look. Similar here

Poloneck: Uniqlo

Cardigan: Marks & Spencer

Boots: ASOS. Simlar here

Handbag: OdiLynch 

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