Faux Fur in the Cold

The last time I wore this coat, it was a beautifully sunny day and I had a lunchtime stroll to Kensington Gardens to grab some shots for a blog post. Today was quite a different story – we had a couple of centimeters of snow last night which has melted now, but the wind is still bitter and temperatures are low.

I’ve gone for maximum layers here, with one cosy knitted jumper dress layered over another one, and cinched in with a bold buckled belt.  With so much bulk, I’m just worn some grey leggings tucked into my old faithful snow boots to balance the outfit. I don’t get to wear these boots too often as they’re so warm, but with last night’s snow I had every reason to tuck my feet into their faux fur lined warmth to pop to the shops for lunch.

Since I’ve started trying to take more varied pictures for my blog, I literally can’t walk down a street now without looking for spots to grab a quick photo. I definitely think it’s made me look around me more and appreciate my home city in a new light. I was lucky today as I had my other half with me, who patiently stopped to take a hundred pictures of me against brick walls, leafy evergreens and the roadside and in the middle of a quiet street.

As always, I’ve got my trusty OdiLynch handbag with me. This independent London based business posted some gorgeous pieces on their Instagram today and it’s making me really want to head to Camden to visit their stall again and hopefully pick up something new. Perhaps then I’ll stop raving about how great this bag is as my everyday handbag! I’m terrible with bags, I literally just have one and I use it until it breaks. The more I read blogs and see beautiful bags on Instagram, the more I want to explore swapping out handbags occasionally to mix things up a bit. Maybe this should be something to aim for in 2017!

Coat: Charity Shop. Similar here.

Dress: Apricot. Similar here 

Jumper (under dress): George. Similar here

Leggings: Oasis. Similar here

Boots: Oscar. Similar here.

Belt: Oasis. Similar here

Bag: OdiLynch

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