Affiliate Links

I really like stuff! I also spend a lot of time on my blog, trying to make sure that I’m posting interesting and relevant content. So when I link to similar pieces from my outfits – they’re sometimes affiliate links, which means I get a tiny bit of commission if you click through or buy something from them. It doesn’t cost you a penny more, but it’s helping me out, so thanks a million for that!

Collaborative Posts

Occasionally, a company might send me an item of clothing or a product to review.┬áThese are clearly marked with (c/o) the company who sent me the item, and the collaboration is mentioned within the post. I only write positively about things I genuinely love, so if I receive something with issues, I’ll be honest about them.

Sponsored Posts

If I have been paid by a company to write a post about their product, it will be clearly marked as a sponsored post. Again, I will only produce content which is my true and honest opinion, so if I’m being sponsored to write about a particular brand or item, it means I REALLY love it! Good times.