Details on a Dreary Day

It was gloomy and wet all day today so these pictures are a bit rushed and the lighting is pretty poor. I’m wearing one of my favourite jackets though (which I’ve written about before), so I don’t really mind too much as I can bury my face in the soft faux fur collar and ignore the miserable British winter weather.

Since the light was too poor to get any decent full length shots, I decided to focus on the details of this outfit. I made this necklace from a YouTube tutorial a couple of years ago and I love it. It took aaaages and it didn’t go 100% to plan, but I think it’s so interesting and a real focus piece. I’m definitely planning on making another when I have the time, with different coloured beads and stones.

Painting my nails is like a proper treat after a hard day, or if I’m trying to reward myself with things that I can’t eat. I particularly love it when a nail varnish is easy to apply and stays put for more than 5 minutes. I am a categorically clumsy and scrappy person, and will inevitably chip nail varnish that isn’t one of those magic gel manicures. Some varnishes last far longer than others, and this Nails Inc freebie from Glamour magazine ticks all the boxes. It’s a subtle, neutral taupe colour, with a really glossy finish. One day I will be dainty enough to have perfectly manicured hands at all times. That day may not come in this lifetime, however, so making it to lunch with shiny nail varnish is a pretty big deal for me.

These boots were a spur of the moment purchase from Principles in the sales many, many years ago and I’m so glad I spotted them. They were on a rack visible from the street, with a whopping discount of something like 75%. When I discovered they were my size I couldn’t very well leave without buying them! I love the Victorian style heel and lacing, and the tan colour goes with a surprising number of things. They’re also low enough to be able to walk a fair amount, but smart enough to be a little bit dressier than a flat boot. One of the zip pulls is broken and replaced with a keyring, but other than that I think they’ve got a good few years wear left in them!

Coat: Bay Trading Co. Similar here

Jumper: Collectif. Similar here

Skirt: Marks & Spencer. Similar here

Boots – Principles. Similar here

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