Collectif Bright & Beautiful florals

Collectif Bright & Beautiful cover

This gorgeous dress is another of my January sales purchases and I just love it! It’s from the Collectif Bright & Beautiful range, and I picked it up in their half price winter sale. The fabric is slipperly, with almost a scuba-like feel to it. I was worried this might feel a bit artificial, but it actually helps the dress to sit nicely and creates a flowy silhouette. It’s long enough to be able to wear without tights once the temperatures rise, but short enough to maintain that 60’s vibe. The high, wide neckline really balances the dimensions of this dress too.

The thing that drew me to this dress is that bold floral print. I’m a huge fan of really colourful florals, and this pattern certainly doesn’t disappoint. There are so many colours, it should be pretty simple to match to accessories. I didn’t want to add any black as the base colour of the dress is blue, so I’ve upped my colour game with these forest green tights. Since there’s so much colour in the dress and my tights, I’ve kept everything else neutral. I can’t remember where these tights were from, but most department stores will stock opaque, coloured tights. And there’s always eBay for basic fashion bargains!

I initially opted for these white Chelsea boots to match my crochet shrug, but I’ve since realised they actually fit the whole 60s look rather well. They’re also incredibly comfortable. I’m a big fan of ankle boots, and I’ve got a feeling my collection will be growing in the near future. Since it is still only spring, I finished the look off with this stone coloured heavy cotton jacket I picked up ages ago from H&M. It’s a really good spring jacket – thick enough to give an extra layer of warmth in the cooler evenings, but light enough to fit with a spring aesthetic.

I switched up my usual H&M sunglasses with this oversized navy Primark pair. I’m finding as I’ve got a bit older, I’m less and less interested in Primark items. I used to love these glasses, however now I feel like they’re a bit cheap looking. Perhaps I’m just becoming more of a snob! I love an oversized pair of sunnies, so I’m on the lookout for a better quality pair to replace these.

Dress: Collectif

Cardigan: Pilot

Jacket: H&M

Boots: ASOS

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