Burgundy and Black

I wrote about these boots last week, and they were super popular on my Instagram post. I’m not usually a slave to trends, but I’ve seen so many pairs on blog posts and Instagram that I’ve loved, I couldn’t help but buy these ones in the sales. Wearing them today for their second outing, I’d forgotten just how amazingly comfortable they are, like walking on clouds. The full coverage makes them lovely and warm for this time of year too. Even in a short dress and medium tights I feel well wrapped up against the elements.

Another thing I’d not noticed when I picked today’s outfit, is that I’m actually dressed head-to-toe in New Look!* This jacket is probably old enough now to be classed as vintage, it’s well over a decade old! I’m very much a believer that if you like something, then keep it! A few people I know see New Look as a brand for younger people, or only for passing fads and disposable fashion. I’ll admit that there might be less pieces I’m drawn to now compared to ten years ago perhaps, but I’m actually a huge fan of the high street chain for basics and more individual pieces alike. I picked up this stretchy patterned skater dress a few years ago. I love the cut, the subtle pattern and the flattering boat neck design.

One thing I tried for once was actually looking at the camera. I really hate shots of me when I’m looking down the lens, I’m not sure why but they always seem to be terribly unflattering and they make me a bit sad. So many bloggers I follow seem to have nailed a neutral, moody look that I love. I’m determined to keep trying until I can work out how to take a decent picture when I’m not staring off into the distance or smiling at a nearby wall. I think I look a bit pissed off in the shot below, but it’s definitely not the worst expression I’ve mustered when trying to master this pose.

Jacket – New Look. Similar here

Dress – New Look. Similar here

Boots: New Look. Out of stock now but similar here

*It’s worth noting that this post isn’t in any way sponsored by New Look. Most of what I’m wearing is mega old I just happen to have a lot of New Look items in my wardrobe!

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