Black and White, Ruffles and Denim

Ruffles cover

One of the big trends to hit the Spring / Summer collections this year is ruffles. As always, the catwalks showed some of the more extreme options on offer – see Marc Jacobs, Gucci and McQueen, to name but a few. There are quite a few more dramatic options on the high street too, but I’m playing it safe to begin with. This top caught my eye on a lunchtime jaunt to Zara. It’s 100% viscose, and has a really nice weight to it making it super swishy and lovely to wear. The ruffles are enough to make a bit of a statement and join in the trend without having to be too brave with my sartorial choices! 

Talking of being brave, I’m so glad I took the scissors to these old bootcut New Look jeans. I just love the classic indigo colour, but they were sitting unworn in my closet for absolutely ages. I’ve mentioned before the blog post by wearsmymoney that inspired me to cut a good few inches off the bottom and I’m still just so glad I did! I know there are fashion “rules” that say that a crop this length is not flattering for someone a bit short and dumpy like me, but hey guess what I don’t care! I love these jeans now, I like how I can wear them with ankle boots or show off some fancy shoes. The mid rise is comfortable and goes with everything, and I actually really like the fit of them.

Other things I’m wearing include this age old coat from Topshop that I bought off eBay. This piece will literally stay in my closet until it falls to pieces, it’s one of the most versatile pieces I own and my go-to when I can’t think how to match a coat to my outfit. The sleeves aren’t too tight either, which meant that I could easily fit it over the ruffles of my sleeves without any lumps and bumps. I’m also still in love with these white Chelsea boots from Asos. They weren’t expensive at all and I kind of wish I’d bought 2 pairs, since they’re not going to last forever. Structurally they’re going strong, but they are SO scuffed by now and they’re only going to get worse. Pictures don’t adequately show the mess that I’ve made of the leather.

Talking of pictures not doing justice to my outfit, I genuinely think that this top looks much better in real life compared to in images. Even the stock photos make my eyes go funny. If I hadn’t seen this top in store, there’s no way I would have thought about buying it, yet the moment I tried it on I knew it had to be mine! Finally, I’ll quickly mention the Gucci belt again. It’s pretty much the only designer piece I own, and even then it’s second hand. I can’t explain why, but I coveted this belt for so long and I’m so thankful that I found this one on Vestiare Collective for an (almost) affordable price. It was as good as new on arrival, and there’s just something about that classic, iconic buckle design that pleases me so much.

Top: Zara

Jeans: New Look

Boots: ASOS

Coat: Topshop

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