Black and White, Lace and a Gucci Belt

Black and white, Lace and a Gucci belt header image

My Gucci belt finally arrived from Vestiare Collective! If you follow me on Twitter,  you might have seen my excitement waiting for this to arrive. It was my first time purchasing anything through Vestiare Collective, and although it took quite a long time to be delivered, I’m very happy with the service. I would definitely trust them as a company from which to purchase second hand high end items again.

I never used to be fussed about designer labels at all, but the more I follow the fashion world, the more I’m finding myself eyeing up high end items and getting to know which designers are my favourites. There’s something about the symmetry and simplicity of the interlocking G buckle that captivated me months ago. Every time I would see one of these belts on Instagram or on a random fashionista sashaying down Kensington High Street, my desire to own one for myself grew and grew.

I learnt about Vestiare Collective last year from a sponsored post on Lizzy Hadfield’s amazing blog, Shot From The Street. She bought a mint condition Celine biker jacket, and the success of her experience prompted me to start looking for my coveted Gucci belt. I would check in a couple of times a week to see if anything had popped up. For a while, anything listed was too expensive or really worn, but then I saw this one! It’s a simple, matte black leather with a silver coloured metal buckle. I watched it for a while, trying to decide if it was really worth then money. Then I thought heck, it’s the price of a couple of nights out, and it will last for years (hopefully!).

After I’d bitten the bullet and gone through the purchase process, I sat back and waited. After a week, I got an e-mail to tell me that Vestiare Collective had sent a reminder e-mail to the seller to request the item. OK, we’re all busy and can’t always get to a post office. After another week passed I started to get nervous, but then I got an e-mail to say my belt had been received for quality checking. A few days later and it arrived, safely wrapped up and boxed, and in pretty much perfect condition. It’s exactly the right size and I already love it!

This outfit amuses me, as I’m literally mixing designer with the cheapest high street brand, Primark. I bought this shirt a while ago for an event and didn’t end up wearing it, but kept it in my wardrobe. It’s totally see through, so I have to layer a vest underneath, but I love the lace pattern and contrasting Peter Pan collar (although it tends to stick up a lot and refuses to sit flat!)

My staple black skinny jeans are a go-to piece for comfort and practicality, and I love these white leather Chelsea boots as a bit of a statement. You can see here where they’re starting to scuff realllly badly, which makes me sad. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a replacement pair when they finally bite the dust.

Finally, I’m wearing this £5 velvet blazer I picked up on a rail in Camden Market many years ago. The lining is just about starting to come apart, but I can easily fix that with an afternoon, needle and thread. It’s a great fit, and the tailoring really smartens up a more casual outfit. I certainly didn’t know when I bought it that velvet would be SO trendy a decade later.

Blazer – second hand M&S

Shirt – Primark

Belt – Gucci

Jeans – New Look

Boots – ASOS

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