Black and White, Khaki and Denim

Khaki and denim cover

The last time I wore this jacket, I tried to make it a bit summery with a cotton skirt. Today the weather has decided to revert to full on winter mode, so I’ve ditched the cotton and gone for a khaki and denim combo. If you switched up the white boots for DMs or wellies, this is a real festival type look for me. I actually bought this jacket to replace my current festival coat, and I’m whilst I’m excited to take it along to protect myself from the rain, I’m also secretly hoping I don’t really need it! My entire festival wardrobe tends to be a mixture of black, khaki and denim, so this outfit may well come with me to various UK fields over the next few months. 

There’s a bit of a story behind these tuxedo stripe jeans. I tried them on in the Gap sales and really liked them, and at £15 I couldn’t really say no! But when I looked at the label, it said they were a size 18! This prompted a bit of a rant about vanity sizing and how silly clothes sizing really is. Now I’ve got over the initial shock, I really love the fit of these jeans. I also like the fact that they’re a little bit different. The high rise, tiny bit of stretch and slight crop make them really comfortable. They go just as well with ankle boots as they do with summer flats, and I’m confident they’ll be a go-to pair for a good while yet.

I’ve worn these white Chelsea boots to death. The markings on them never show up quite as much in pictures, which is both a blessing and a curse. ASOS currently have a higher heeled version available, and I’m really tempted to buy a pair for when these ones eventually bite the dust. I never thought I’d be so into white leather boots!

This stripy vest is another item I’ve worn recently that I think I’m ready to part with. Since I’ve started this blog, I’ve become a lot more aware of how clothes look on me. I’m slowly learning what suits me and what doesn’t. Whilst I’m an advocate of wearing whatever the heck you want, I also think it’s ok for tastes to change and for people to move on with their fashion choices. I get really attached to clothes so it’s a big thing for me to get rid of something. (Yes, I’m totally a hoarder). I love stripes, but this top just isn’t doing it for me any more, so it’s going in the charity bag.

Jacket: Romwe

Jeans: Gap

Vest top: SoulCal

Cardigan: M&S

Boots: ASOS

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