A Big Jumper and A Small Skirt

Big jumper small skirt cover

I’m genuinely not sure what was going through my head when I selected this outfit, but I actually really like it. I think the random combination is just on the border of my comfort zone, and lately I’ve been quite pleased with those slightly-more-eccentric outfit choices. The colour palette is still quite simple, which helps keep some level of cohesion. Each aspect of the outfit is quite simple too, it’s together that they’re a bit more bizarre! 

As per usual, none of the items I’m wearing are new. This oversized big jumper was actually my boyfriends until last winter. I don’t even remember how exactly I acquired it, only that it is now mine. A cream cable knit jumper is a winter staple, but since it’s actually spring, I’ve worn it with a mini skirt to balance things out a bit. This tartan mini has had a fair amount of wear over the years. It’s quite thick with a good structure, and carries a slight 90’s grunge / punk vibe. It was even totally on trend a couple of years ago when tartan was a thing! Having started out with a neutral / black / red scheme, I’ve stuck with that for the rest of my outfit.

I wasn’t 100% sure about this coat when it first arrived from ASOS. It sits a bit funny on me when it’s done up, and the sleeves are a bit long. I know I could get the sleeves tailored, but in reality that’s never going to happen. The more I’ve worn this coat though, the more I’ve grown to love it. The pale camel shade is a real wardrobe staple and the fabric is soft but holds its shape. Those enormous pockets are oh-so practical, and I like the shape of the lapel and collar. There’s also a sneaky pop of fuchsia under the collar which makes it that little bit more unique.

It took me a little while last year to take the plunge into the over-the-knee boot trend, but one I did I was hooked. These were my first pair, followed closely by a black suede pair that have appeared on the blog recently too. This pair is suedette, so they’re not as warm or as structured as the others, which actually works well for a warmer season. They’re so soft and comfy, and provide enough warmth and coverage to get away with a teeny mini skirt.

Last but certainly not least, I shunned regular, sensible black tights for a sassy double weave fishnet pair. I was momentarily worried that I had a bit of a “Pretty Woman” vibe going on, but I think (I hope) the big jumper sort of counteracts any working girl connotations. I used to have a vast array of pattered, lace tights but I think one by one they’ve laddered beyond repair. This double knit pattern is just a bit different to a standard fishnet, which in my head makes them slightly more acceptable! Maybe I’m just making it up.

I feel the need once again to apologise for the image quality of these shots. Not only are they taken on my phone still, but the light was fading rapidly. As a result, I’ve had to lighten some of the images considerably, which affects the picture quality even further. Blogging is hard guys! Especially with a full time job. Yes yes, I know I’m just making excuses. Bear with me though will you, at least until I get a better camera?

Jumper: Stolen from boyfriend

Skirt: New Look

Boots: New Look

Coat: ASOS

Sunglasses: Collectif

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