60’s Florals and Suede Boots

60's cover

My wardrobe is a total mishmash of styles and influences. I’ve got a fair amount of mid-century style; the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s are my favourite decades for sartorial inspiration. This look is much more 60’s themed though, and a perfect summer combo to cheer up London streets. This floral dress first featured on my Insta all the way back in April when I was still wearing tights! The weather finally picked up enough this August to be able to wear it with bare legs and ankle boots. I think dresses / skirts and ankle boots are basically acceptable attire from spring right through to autumn, no?

This dress is made from a slightly odd scuba-style fabric which is surprisingly comfortable. It’s 97% polyester and 3% spandex which sounds awful, but which actually seems to work. It was definitely warm enough to wear in the chillier springtime with tights and boots. The smooth fabric with a slight stretch actually works really well with the hotter temperatures too. It’s just long enough to get away with in the office, and the fit-and-flare style is perfectly suited to a cropped cardigan for a light cover up for summer evenings. With such a bold design, it’s something that I can’t wear too often, but I’m sure it will remain a colourful staple in my wardrobe for many years.

The base of this wonderfully floral dress is blue, so I matched it with these amazing suede boots from La Redoute. They’d been sitting in my closet waiting for the “right” occasion to wear them, but the “right” time never came! I’m sure I’m not the only person who likes to try and save a new purchase for a special occasion, only to realise that special occasions in my life are rather few and far between. Why shouldn’t a random Tuesday in August be a special occasion, hey!?

I love the patchwork suede of these boots so much. It’s uniform enough to be a bit matchy matchy, but also random enough to be a bit unique and different. These shades of green and blue are some of my favourite colours, and the suede adds to the 60’s vibe of the look. They’re slip on and off too, which makes them quite practical. There’s nothing worse that visiting someone’s house and having to spend half an hour taking your shoes off before you can go in! The heel is ever-so-slightly high for a day with a lot of walking, but for sitting down at work all day they’re just fine!

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Dress: Collectif

Cardigan: Collectif

Boots: La Redoute

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