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    New Shoes for a Weekend in Weymouth

    New Shoes

    I was in Weymouth this weekend just gone for my boyfriend’s brother-in-law’s Dad’s birthday celebrations. Yup, I know it’s quite a tenuous link. It was basically just a chance to get away from the city, catch up with family and eat lots of cake! And what better excuse to buy some new shoes for the occasion!

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    Winter wear in Summer

    Winter Wear in Summer cover

    Ah, British Summertime! It’s nothing if not totally unpredictable. I guess that keeps us on our toes? We get to wear things that has previously been put to the back of the wardrobe ready for winter to come around again? I’m trying to put a positive spin on things here, I’m not really sure that it’s working. 

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    Simple Summer Sundress

    Sundress cover

    Just a quick post today whilst the sunshine lasts! I wore this same dress and cardigan on a chilly day back in March, styled up for the late winter weather. Now the sun is out, this sundress is such an easy piece to throw on without having to think too much about putting an outfit together. One of my favourite things about dresses is how easy they are to wear. Although I wear a lot of separates, I often find it hard to pair the right tops with the right bottoms. With a dress, there’s no need to worry about matching as it’s already done for you!

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    Pink and Red Again! This time with stripes.

    Pink and red cover

    Pretty soon, I’m sure all the fashion mags will be talking about how the pink and red trend is SO last season. I’m still loving this colour clash though. There’s something really summery and bold about mixing a bold red with a girly pink shade. I’m still working on being braver with my outfit combinations, but it’s not something that comes naturally. I’m envious of people whose natural style is daring, unique and exciting. As you can probably tell, I’m not one of those people! More often than not, I’ll stay safe and pair everything with black, like I have here.

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    Pastel jeans and Peacock Print

    Pastel jeans cover

    I’m in quite a rut at the moment, and having a big old rethink of my blog. It’s coming up for 6 months since I launched Shoestring Threads, and I’m constantly learning about running a fashion blog! One thing I’ve realised is that I wear a lot of old clothes. I feel like I go clothes shopping a lot, but it’s certainly not enough to constantly post content with current pieces.

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    The Forgotten Dress that makes me want to start sewing again

    Forgotten Dress Sewing cover
    I live in a small house, and I have a lot of clothes. I’ve written previously about my dislike of the term “fast fashion” and the idea that items are disposable. The trouble is, I think I may live by this rule a little too steadfastly, being somewhat of a hoarder. As a result, many items are unceremoniously stuffed down the back of wardrobes and hiding in bags in cupboards. This dress is such an item.
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    Underwear as Outerwear

    Underwear as outerwear cover
    Just a quick post today from our local. I roped my other half into joining me after work for a quick pint to make the most of the sunshine. He kindly took these snaps for me, but as you’ll see further below, they didn’t all turn out quite right! I thought I’d keep them in though, to show the lighter side of blogging.