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    Tara Starlet Striped Shirt

    Tara Starlet cover

    I bought this Tara Starlet shirt from my friend last year as it didn’t fit her. Tara Starlet sadly no longer exist, so I think a part of me wanted it to have a little bit of vintage reproduction history more than anything. As a result, it’s sat unworn in my closet for months. I had planned on wearing it tucked into a high waisted skirt, but that didn’t work at all with my body shape. It’s actually quite an odd style. The buttons stop really high up, above my navel. This meant that when I tried to tuck it in, the shirt didn’t keep its shape and widened my waistline massively, which is the last thing I need. The collar is also quite odd. It’s not really a proper collar, but if it’s not turned down at the lapels, it sticks out in a strange sort of funnel.

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    Double Velvet

    Double Velvet cover

    This luscious green velvet skirt has appeared on the blog a couple of times before. I’ve mentioned that it’s a little too big, and I usually style it by folding the waistband and tucking it into a thick waist belt. Here I’ve gone for a more relaxed option, wearing it without a belt and layering a simple sweater over the top.

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    Pink Denim and Maroon (and grey again!)

    Pink denim jacket cover

    I mentioned a little while ago that I lost my bleach denim jacket on an ill fated trip to the pub in the sunshine. As sad as I was to find it had disappeared, it was an excuse to buy this gorgeous pink replacement from H&M. Well, I say replacement, but I’m definitely planning on finding another light blue denim jacket as well. I’m massively into the pink and red trend that’s everywhere at the moment. Some trends I can admire from a distance, but this faux-pas of clashing colours has me hooked. Today’s outfit is a really subtle nod to that trend, with this pale pink denim over my trusty maroon cardigan.

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    Patterns on a simple colour palette

    Patterns simple colour palette cover

    There’s a couple of things I want to chat about in today’s post. One is the outfit, obviously. The other is locations. And since it’s on my mind, I’m going to touch on cameras and websites too, so buckle up for a fairly wordy post!

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    Retro florals and tailoring

    Retro florals tailroing cover

    This dress is one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. In fact, I’m wearing it on the cover photo for my website! I bought it a couple of years ago, specifically for my friends’ summer wedding. It was my first purchase from vintage style online retailer Pretty Kitty Fashion, and I was so pleased with my choice.

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    Heavy Metal Gold Leather

    Gold leather cover

    So, first up I’m going to say please excuse the slightly odd tones on some of these images. In preparation for hopefully receiving a proper camera for my birthday in a few months, I’ve been trying to break bad image habits.

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    Layering with velvet and lace

    Layering velvet and lace cover

    I picked up this Mango dress in one of my online shopping sprees over the Christmas season. It sat in my wardrobe for months, as I just couldn’t work out how to style it. Last season’s velvet trend was a favourite of mine, and this midnight blue dress seemed like a perfect addition to my collection. These pictures don’t do justice to the deep blue colour. The lace hem detailing is beautiful, and the length is great for a transitional piece.

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    Collectif Bright & Beautiful florals

    Collectif Bright & Beautiful cover

    This gorgeous dress is another of my January sales purchases and I just love it! It’s from the Collectif Bright & Beautiful range, and I picked it up in their half price winter sale. The fabric is slipperly, with almost a scuba-like feel to it. I was worried this might feel a bit artificial, but it actually helps the dress to sit nicely and creates a flowy silhouette. It’s long enough to be able to wear without tights once the temperatures rise, but short enough to maintain that 60’s vibe. The high, wide neckline really balances the dimensions of this dress too.

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    Sleeveless Coat Take 2

    Sleeveless Coat Take 2 cover

    Not long ago, I posted about wearing this sleeveless coat for the first time. I didn’t realise when I took today’s pictures that I’ve opted for the same colour scheme for its second outing. It seems my love for burgundy and grey runs deep. The weather was a little brighter today, so rather than tights and a fluffy knit, I went for a floaty vest top and jeans. A sleeveless coat does require sleeves, though, and it’s this age old cardigan from trusty M&S that provides that necessary extra layer. I remember buying this cardigan in a charity shop years ago when it suddenly got chilly in the summer. Little did I realise how much of a wardrobe staple it would become!

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    An actual vintage dress

    Actual Vintage Dress cover

    If you’ve been reading my blog or following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll know I’m a big fan of vintage style and reproduction brands like Collectif and Lindy Bop. Aside from a few pieces given to me by my Mum, I don’t actually have anything that’s genuine vintage. Until now, that is.